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You can import Mbox to Outlook 2011 effortlessly with the help of ‘Mail Extractor Max’. It performs a complete conversion of all items, without any corruption of data. And its GUI helps in making a job really easier and faster.

Import Mbox to Outlook 2011Without a proper software for converting files, importing Mbox to Outlook 2011 can be very inconvenient. You can lose your files, corrupt the data, invest unreasonable number of hours, and still reach no where.

To make the task easy, there is a tool – Mail Extractor Max – that carries a special overall mechanics for extracting Mbox data accurately. The software is incorporated with a systematic and linear graphical wizard for converting the Mbox files without any struggle.

Such a graphical wizard is a unique and powerful combination of simplicity through interface and extensive functionality through the features. Without any kind of confusion, you can start importing Mbox to Outlook 2011, and achiever results far better than any tool can offer.

Data fidelity preserved

‘Mail Extractor Max’ takes care of all the parts from the original Mbox files, and very sharply transfer them to Outlook 2011. Thus, it presents very similar Olm (outlook files) compared to Mbox.

Save time

The reason you save time by using this tool is because of the intensified speed of conversion. The tool loads Olm files, reads the data, extract it, implement to Olm files, and every other commands – are executed with accelerated rate. A regular sized (2GB) of Mbox file can be converted to Outlook 2011 in mere 15 minutes.

Automatic loading of ‘Mail’ folder

You can convert the data to Outlook 2011 by manually loading your Mbox files.

Or, you can let the tool search for the Apple Mail database itself. All your emails, contacts, and other items are stored inside ‘Mail’ folder in your hard drive space. Therefore, instead of exporting the data to Mbox file, you can let the tool load the ‘Mail’ folder directly.

One-stop solution for Mbox conversion needs

If you want to convert Mbox to different formats (not just Olm), you can use this tool. Importing Mbox to Outlook 2011 is most frequently used feature of ‘Mail Extractor Max’, but it can also performed other conversions. For instance, Mbox to Thunderbird, Mbox to Entourage, and Mbox to EML migration can just as easily done.

Supports all-language content

Resulting Outlook 2011 files are Unicode files. That means, they support all languages, not just English. Do not worry about finding your Japanese, Chinese, or other languages emails corrupted by the end of the process. Every bit of English and non-English characters are preserved, even double-byte characters.

Free Trial

Go ahead with the trial version now. The free trial edition is to give you a chance to make sure it fits your needs or not without any risk. It will give you full access to all the features without any locking. The only restriction places is that you cannot convert more than 10 items from Mbox to Outlook 2011 for each folder.

Which is certainly more than enough to make up your mind about the tool. If satisfied, you can easily extend the license to unlimited one.

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Mail Extractor Max helps you to import mbox to outlook 2011 for mac effortlessly.

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