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The Most Favorable Tool for Apple Mail Migration Needs!

Mail Extractor Max” is a high-caliber email migration utility by USL Software that allows converting Apple Mail data to other email clients. It is built by USL Software to ease up on the complex migration tasks involving Apple Mail data. The UI is tailored for beginners, but at the same time, the power and functionality also handle the large migration projects like no other tool.

A couple of advanced features like auto-loading and support for Unicode content makes it the only tool with such capabilities.

Here’s the full list of all of its features:

Auto-Load Apple Mail Database

Mail Extractor Max” can auto-load the database of your Mac Mail, from the identity folders/directories in a single click. This saves a lot of time and gives you a simpler way of data migration, as opposed to manually export data for conversion. You no longer need to archive Mail data. You can also choose to Auto-load the backup identity database, as opposed to primary one.

Also provides manual Load

Some users have backup copy of Apple Mail. No worries. You can manually load Apple Mail files from any location easily. Although, if the data you want to convert is in your Apple Mail, the auto-load method is highly preferred over traditional conversion. If you have Apple Mail Mailbox Export, Apple Mail MBOX files, Apple Mail EMLX files or ‘Mail” folder copied, choose “OPEN” option instead of “Auto Load“.

Batch Conversion

When it comes to Apple Mail conversion, you get to benefit from its impressive batch conversion abilities. Load any number of Mail Accounts / Mailbox up to any size, and the tool can convert them to your desired output format without losing its way. It keeps the quality, accuracy, and stability of conversion unaffected regardless of how many files you convert at the same time.

Convert Apple Mail/EMLX to Multiple Formats

Mail Extractor Max” is one–in-all solution for all your Mac Mail migration needs. It can convert Apple Mail data to essentially all popular email clients’ formats. The available output formats include: Outlook 2011 (*.rge), Entourage 2004 / 2008 (*.rge), Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Standard MBOX and EML file. You will never need any other application to move your Apple Mail data to other clients.

Converts Every Component

Emails can be diverse in the forms of data they store, such as metadata, images, attachments, headers, and so on. “Mail Extractor Max” holds the dedication logic that ensures clean and thorough conversion with no loose ends. No sloppy, defective output files.

Preserves Folder Hierarchy

Keeping the folder hierarchy same after conversion is tricky. “Mail Extractor Max” achieves the perfect mapping of original folder hierarchy into output files by executing the precise algorithms designed for accuracy.

Converts non-English text

Some of the non-English languages can be complicated to convert from Apple Mail to other formats. Specially double-byte characters that are used in languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. “Mail Extractor Max” is built with the full support for converting all non-English text. It supports DBCS, Unicode, UTF-8, and other encoding standards fully.

Fast Conversion

The data-rate is compounded to offer the quickest migration tool. It’s data-flow is smooth, prompt, and free of any unexpected jumps, resulting in the quickest Apple Mail migration tool. You can convert 1 GB of your files in less than 10 minutes in most cases, depending on your computer and other factors.

Friendly and Self-explanatory interface

It’s graphical oriented interface is friendly and self-explanatory. A complete novice user can start converting Apple Mail data right from the first moment after installation. Everything is structured in a way to make the intuitive sense to non-experts.

Mail Extractor Max” is available in different licenses according to your needs and where do you want to use the tool (home, workplace, etc.). There is also a free trial version that you can download right now and check out all the features up close. It can convert ten items per folder, while giving you the access to its whole range of features (stated above).

Get the setup now. You can start converting your data safely, cleanly, and quickly in less than 2 minutes.