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How to convert Apple Mail to EML

Apple Mail is an email client from Apple itself and comes pre-installed in all Mac computers. It has the largest base of users when it comes to email clients. Apple Mail uses mailboxe folders with .mbox extension to store contents inside EMLX files. EML, on the other hand, is a file format from Windows Outlook Express, but the file format quickly gained approval of many other programs and became a standard data file format for storing email messages.

Unfortunately, you cannot directly export your mails from Apple Mail to EML files in case you need to migrate data to Outlook Express or other apps.

How to convert Apple Mail to EML files is a question very frequently asked by many users who are switching to a different email client. It’s also asked frequently by those who just want to keep the back of their emails in Windows PC. It’s a good habit to keep backup in a format that’s generic and can be used with other programs.

USL Software has the most convincing answer to that question. They developed “Mail Extractor Max” to handle this exact job, and in doing so, they have given you the best way possible to deal with this. The tutorial will take you through each step. And if you want, you can follow along.

Tutorial – How to Convert Apple Mail to EML

  1. Step 1 : Download “Mail Extractor Max” here, and install it in the trial version. It will convert ten items per folder but won’t restrict you from using other to convert apple mail to eml
  2. Step 2 : Click ‘Load’ –> ‘Auto-Load’ and let the tool get your Apple Mail data ready for conversion. The option is ‘Open’, to manually locate “Apple Mail Mailbox Export” or “Mail” folder copied from another computer or backup to convert apple mail to eml file
    One of its best features is that it can auto-load the database directly without you having to export or backup Mail database or files.
  3. Step 3 : Select or de-select the folders to include or exclude them from conversion respectively. Click on “ignore empty folders” to exclude folders with no content from output EML to convert mac mail to eml
  4. Step 4 : Open the drop-down menu of output formats and choose ‘EML’ from the options. “Mail Extractor Max” is a complete one-in-all solution for Apple Mail conversion needs, meaning you can use it for converting Mail data to many other formats like Entourage, Outlook:mac 2011, Thunderbird, etc.; EML is just one of to to convert apple mail to eml file format
  5. Step 5 : Click ‘Convert,’ choose location to save EML files, and wait for few minutes for the tool to finish conversion.

Congratulations! In just 5 simple steps, you have converted Apple Mail to EML files, which is otherwise incredibly frustrating and long task when performed through ordinary tools or manual methods. The tool also delivers accuracy like no other. It will convert every single detail from your Apple Mail database, including images, metadata, headers, attachments, non-English text, and everything else, without compromising data integrity.

You can get the trial mode here and try it yourself using the tutorial – How to convert Apple Mail to EML.