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Unfortunately, import mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird isn’t feasible by direct, in-built in either client. Even if you do take the manual route, that’s only possible if you are using Thunderbird in Mac. But Thunderbird, being the cross platform client, can also be used in Windows and Linux.

Import Mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

The best way to import mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird is through a third-party converter. These converters often require files from Apple Mail (MBOX or EMLX) and then convert all the contents in files compatible with Thunderbird.

Any other manual techniques fall too short of accurate migration, if they can convert the data at all.

Today we are bringing to you the best tool to import Mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird that will not bring up any of the issues any other ordinary converter does. Built with advanced algorithms, it will offer a seamless and sharp conversion approach that is unmatched everywhere else.

You can download it for free as a trial version here and see for yourself what are all the features and how it works. It’s called “Mail Extractor Max” and the company that brought it to you is USL Software.

Import Mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Quick look about it features:

If you don’t want to go ahead and download it right away, you can read the following list of its most notable features:

  • Convert directly from identity/profile folder, instead of any files like EMLX or MBOX. Simply select ‘Auto-load’ and the tool automatically picks up your Apple Mail database
  • Convert to several formats – though this post refers only to import mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, this tool can do more than that if you want it to. You can convert your Apple Mail mailboxes to formats like Postbox, MBOX, EML, Outlook for Mac, and more.
  • It works with a strikingly fast speed, so even massive Apple Mail databases can be imported to Thunderbird (and other formats) very quickly
  • The intuitive and basic UI takes the stress away of email migration even from totally non-experienced users, as it allows them to import data through a meticulously built interface offering simple steps and clear instructions
  • The biggest feature and perhaps the most important one, in which every other tool for the similar objective lacks, is the ability to convert each item without losing its properties or metadata. Email files are quite complex; they can contain images, attachments, Unicode text, hyperlinks, and more. The tool extracts everything and delivers precise output without any errors.
  • It also maps the folder hierarchy from Apple Mail to Thunderbird accurately. All your folders will be in the same location and will retain their original structure, something that generic solutions won’t be able to do.
  • And finally, the support that’s available 24×7 offers help whenever needed.

Get it to Import Mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Grab the free trial copy today and get started on importing your mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Get it from the Download Now page.

The tool finally simplifies a task that’s otherwise too lengthy, tedious, and daunting for experts.

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To import Mailboxes from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, try ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.

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