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Thunderbird is a great email client that is free, open source, and community drive. There are plugins and add-ons for almost anything that you want to do; except for one thing – Importing data to Thunderbird from Apple Mail. There are countless add-ons for import/export feature that could do well in certain cases. But in many other cases, there are too much complications.

This is because all the add-ons and plugins are built for Thunderbird, and it is very difficult to build something that has to take both email clients into consideration. So, you may find that that Thunderbird can import Mbox (mailbox) files of Apple Mail directly, which sounds like a quick and neat way to move your contents.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird ImportHowever, the files exported to Mbox from Apple Mail and then imported into Thunderbird seems to have a lot of issues once the importing is done. Many have reported problems with their data, and you can read the hoards of these stories on internet. The most common ones are the loss of folder structure. The way the folders were arranged in Apple Mail don’t appear exactly the same in Thunderbird once the import is done.

The another most recently observed issue is that the folders and the structures comes fine, but there is nothing inside those folders. They appear empty.

Other issues include loss of images from the body of emails, email properties, some corruption with non-English content, and so on.

So, if you are facing similar problems with your method of data transfer, there is something else that you can do. The solution is to use a third party software programs that are built for an effective and quick email migration. Sure, they will cost something, but the results will be much more accurate, and you won’t have to spend your precious time on otherwise inefficient manual methods of data transfer.

“Mail Extractor Max” is a good one that can do this very easily. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t need to export the data to Mbox file because it can load your Apple Mail database directly through “Mail” folder. So that’s where most of the data inconsistencies are resolved in one simple step.

If you are exporting the emails to Mbox files, there can be certain information that can be lost during that process. But there is no such step with this tool, so you can be assured that the data converted is always 100% precise.

Next, what this tool does convert all that Apple Mail data to Thunderbird supporting files, so that you can then later import them effortlessly. It will keep all your contents and the data associated with it safe and secure. There will be no modification in data such as loss of folder hierarchy, non-English text, etc.

Click here to download it now.

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