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Mail Extractor Pro, A perfect tool to import mail from mac mail to outlook (PST data file).

Had it been the same as normal audio and video files, it would be no trouble. Just extract one or two elements, likely to be audio or/and video codec, to other format and you are done.

But email is a different beast. And the emails inside Mac Mail are the biggest of them. Generally, import mail from mac mail to outlookMac mail stores mails inside the files called Mbox files. These Mbox files are very convenient and functional, allowing Mac Mail to work better. You never saw them because no one needs to. Mbox files are loaded itself by Mac Mail to display or interact with the mail you need.

One issue. These MBox files do not react the same way with Outlook. In fact, they are incompatible. You can simply transfer the Mbox files manually and hope for any export of data to take place.

How, then, do you import mail from mac mail to outlook fluently and Conveniently?

You take help of a third party software. As there is no in-built feature with Mac Mail or with Outlook to convert MBOX to PST (Outlook data files). A third party software can help you make the transition seem very easy by data extraction from Mbox files and implementing it into PST files.

One finest piece of third party app is “Mail Extractor Pro“. It has been tested over and over for quality file conversion that produces the most accurate Olm files through its meticulously built program. The logic employed gets the task done with sharp data integrity. It is able to read every element from Mac Mail and successfully take it over to Outlook PST files.

Other than its high quality and accuracy of conversion, it is worthy of praise in its user interface department. The design of GUI is incredibly fluid, that softly and steadily guides the user conveniently. The credit goes to the thought-out graphical wizard that has turned most of the manual tasks automatic so you don’t have to care about them. Only care about loading the original files from Mac mail and choose either to convert it full or selected folders.

Presto! Done!

But, it is reasonable to expect an occasional setback. A concern. An issue. Usually, even a slightest setback is frustrating to normal user. He or she can go at it from every angle and yet would fail to devise a solution.

To make sure that does not happen, Mail Extractor Pro, along with is perfect system of conversion, comes with a support. You can contact the team at any point, have a live chat, or through email, and expect to get a solution handidly.

The lively and helpful support makes it the perfect solution while importing Mac Mail to Outlook. Do not miss it! If, yet, you feel a little dubious, about the tool or about anything, try the free version. No risk. No investment.

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To import mail from mac mail to outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and Office 365 (MBOX to PST), download today “Mail Extractor Pro”.

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