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The one primary reason to import Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mac is so frustrating is that there is no easy to use tool that could help users in performing the task. Most of the tools are incredibly difficult and challenging to navigate.

But that is about to change.

If you are using Apple Mail and are looking to convert to Thunderbird Mac, you must certainly be intimidated or by the least, overwhelmed on how to go about the job.

The files used in Apple Mail have to be converted to Thunderbird supporting files to export the contents in Apple Mail database. Considering the framework, software designing, programming, and the overall framework of two different email client, the task of first extracting the data from Apple Mail and then inject it into new files is not a straightforward job. Moreover, the developers have to take care of no data leakage that means no data loss or data integrity issues during the conversion process.

Import Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mac with Zero Hassle.

Some more of the problems associated with Apple Mail to Thunderbird import, when you employ cheap ordinary tools for it:-

  • Lack of safety for the files
  • Very slow speed
  • Lack of simplicity
  • Tricky installation
  • Compatibility issues

This is where you need Mail Extractor Max.import Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mac

It is the eventual solution for your Apple Mail conversion needs. And it will provide you the most professional way of doing that, as you have always craved for.

Its efficient technology, based on years of research and software programming by skilled developers, makes it simply the foremost choice of experts in dealing with email migration. And the design puts it simplicity and ease of use undoubtedly into another higher perspective.

Salient features of “Mail Extractor Max”

Here are the most incredible features of “Mail Extractor Max”:-

  • Powerful Converter: Obviously, the factor that puts it in a difficult spot for experts to avoid if they want to get effective is a wonderful, innovative and painstakingly designed its signature feature – The converter itself.

Which is efficient in converting all of the below written email conversions:

Migrate everything: –

If you wish to switch from Apple Mail to other clients, you need not to only migrate your mails, but other important content as well.

“Mail Extractor Max” allow you to export all of this content effortlessly.

  • Preserves Email information: Stop straining your mind with the fear of losing important information, like, Cc, Bcc, to, subject, etc.
  • Preserves Unicode content: Never worry about losing non-English Content again.
  • Preserves folder hierarchy: Never worry about losing the order of your folders and subfolders.
  • Free of Unexpected errors and bugs: Never worry about the frequent crashes, unexpected errors or annoying bugs that crawl all over the process.
  • Fast and quick Installation: Install “Mail Extractor Max” easily in just few clicks. Fast and Simple!

Try if Free, to Import Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mac

Make sure to try our free demo version. It is complete with all the features and are not restricted in that sense.

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However, it can only convert 10 of your files from Apple Mail to Thunderbird from each folder. That is more than enough to find out if it performs the way you expect it to perform or not. If the results are positive, which we are confident it will be, go ahead and order the paid version.

The full licensed version has no restrictions at all, and you can perform unlimited number of file conversion through it.

Mail Extractor Max is a perfect email converter tool to import Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mac.

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