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Import Apple Mail MBOX to Thunderbird can be a painful task. It’s a path full of obstacles and pains. But if you have a professional aid, it doesn’t have to be like that.

How to Import Apple Mail MBOX to Thunderbird

Today we are going to talk about one such aid that anyone can benefit from, from IT experts to basic home users. With the solution recommended below, not only can you easily import Apple Mail MBOX to Thunderbird, but you can also import Apple Mail data without any MBOX files, which is far better in every aspect.

The tool you are going to use is “Mail Extractor Max.” It’s developed by USL Software, and like every other product of USL Software, “Mail Extractor Max” is also one of the finest software solutions in its category. The set of features, the interface, and the 24×7 tech support are unparalleled.

Two most important features that make “Mail Extractor Max” what it is are: it’s autoload feature and interface.

import apple mail mbox to thunderbird

Setting the bar: Auto-load

So, first thing first: how does it let you import Apple Mail to Thunderbird without the MBOX files?

Most tools of this sort require data files, like MBOX, EMLX, or some other files. These files either need to be manually looked for in profile databases or created manually using the export/archive feature. To import Apple Mail conventionally, you need to manually archive emails and other items into MBOX files. And then use those files with the traditional software that can convert them to Thunderbird files.

That’s what the traditional approach is. But “Mail Extractor Max” has a feature that can auto-load Apple Mail database cleanly and thoroughly from the profile (or identity) directory automatically. You just have to choose ‘Auto-load’ instead of ‘Custom,’ where ‘Custom’ is the traditional option offered just in case anyone wants to use the tool as generic MBOX converter.

Simplifying to next level: interface

The advanced features don’t amount to anything unless there is an intuitive interface that users can interact with easily. Most tools either lack any feature at all, or they are incredibly hard to use. This is almost like an unavoidable trend with most software solutions dealing with Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration. In fact, you can see that with most other email migration tools as well. “Mail Extractor Max” defies that trend.

With its ultra-sharp and intuitive GUI, it delivers a seamless experience of importing data. Even for the first-time, non-experienced users. The magic of “Mail Extractor Max” is in its minimalism inspired design of interface that makes the best use of space, creatively laying out the advanced features and options, while also making sure of users’ comfort and ease. You don’t need to go through complex tutorials or spend hours looking for what you need before actually importing data.

Its natural style is so intuitive, you can get started right now and you can start converting data without knowing anything. The wizard will set you on your path straightaway.

There are plenty of other features that “Mail Extractor Max” has. Such as: it’s unequivocal support for all languages, including Chinese and Korean. It also features custom MBOX file conversion (traditional approach) in case needed (but is not preferred). The tool is also extremely accurate in keeping the data integrity in check. None of the details are lost or converted imprecisely from Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Download Now to Import Apple Mail MBOX to Thunderbird

 So, there’s no reason to wait further. If you want to know more about the fine details and about its other features, the best you can do is try it. There’s nothing to lose. You can get the free trial setup that lets you convert ten items per folder, giving you a perfect way to check out the tool and how it works in action.

Download Now –

Get “Mail Extractor Max” today and hassle free import Apple Mail MBOX to Thunderbird.

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