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Best way to Convert Mac Mail to EML

Looking to migrate from Mac Mail to some other client such as Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail? This post will tell you what to do.

Email migration between two clients within the same platform is difficult, but when you migrate between two clients for different platforms, the problems become much more severe and difficult to deal with.

I am not talking about simply switching to Windows Live Mail from Mac Mail and getting familiar with its interface and features. I am talking about the data that you have on Apple Mail and wants to transfer that into Windows Live Mail.

If you are here looking for ways to convert Mac Mail to EML, you already know that EML is a file that you can use with Windows Live Mail. For those who don’t, EML is a file format that is generic across programs and platforms and can be used with many email clients, including Windows Live Mail. You perhaps want to backup data into a file that is generic and can be used later in future anywhere.

Whatever your reasons for converting Mac Mail to EML, you will find the solution below.

So, back to the primary question, how to actually convert all your data to EML from Mac Mail without making a mess of your data’s structure and integrity. Because more often than not, converting email data is inaccurate and could result in fragmentation of emails and other associated items.

The best answer may take you by surprise.

Forget about the lengthy and convoluted manual techniques, forget about File converters (EMLX to EMl, or MBOX to EML, etc.), and forget about any other solution for now. The way to successfully convert Mac Mail to EML is using a professional email migration utility. And the one that clearly separates itself from the mediocre apps available in bulk is called “Mail Extractor Max”.

convert mac mail to eml

There are dozens of features and functions that make “Mail Extractor Max” the best options to convert Apple Mail to EML for both beginners and experts. However, one of those features can be considered as the most important and significant in the context of Apple Mail conversions.

That is Auto-loading your Apple mail database in just a single click. Usually, the tools that claim to convert Apple Mail require you to manually select the raw EMLX files or the archived MBOX files to extract the contents. Such a method is highly inefficient and inaccurate due to the nature of these files. On the other hand, “Mail Extractor Max” has an auto-load feature where it automatically scans for ‘Mail’ database and targets the entire directory for conversion. It can be done in a single click, as opposed to going to great lengths for MBOX or EMLX file conversion that may never result in clean migration.

Other than the auto-load function, “Mail Extractor Max” also offers a simple interface to convert data without any hassles. This works out for non-experienced users excellently. And for more advanced projects, USL Software has carefully placed the sophisticated functions into the basic interface without cluttering it. This innovative design for GUI makes the tool fit for all kinds of migration projects, whether at home or at workplace.

The advanced functionality doesn’t cloud its simplicity.

Try to Convert Mac Mail to EML

Try it today and you will see what I am talking about.

For users wanting to move Apple Mail contents to other programs like Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, converting the Mail data into EML files is the best option. And “Mail Extractor Max” offers the best possible approach for that.

You can check the free trial edition here and know how to convert Mac Mail to EML easy & quickly.

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