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Apple Mail to EML Conversion

EML is a generic file format for storing email messages, and is used in many email clients and programs. So it makes sense that many users would like to backup their data in EML format, so that the files can be used easily elsewhere, or when they need to restore data.

This article focuses on how to store data from Apple Mail to EML files. Or, as it more commonly called as – how to convert Apple Mail to EML files.

Whatever your purpose for Apple Mail to EML conversion is, this post will help.

With conventional approach, like manual migration and ordinary file converters, there are many problems that you can face. Some of them are mildly annoying, but many of them are truly horrible that should tell you stay away from these solutions. Such as – the loss of your data integrity during Apple Mail to EML conversion. Ordinary tools do not pick each element for conversion, leaving fragmented form of data.

It is mostly observed that users can find their embedded graphical objects, email attachments, metadata and headers, and nested messages not converted with accuracy. Such defects can be even worse when you don’t notice it right away. You may notice them after a long time when you actually go through the data in EML files, by that time you might have lost your original Apple Mail files.

In either case, no one wants to experienced flawed conversion.

Apple Mail to EML Converter

So, how can you avoid all this data loss and corruption while converting Apple Mail to EML? The simple answer – “Mail Extractor Max”. It’s an incredibly efficient software application from USL Software that has dealt with the complexities and seemingly unsolvable problems with Apple Mail to EML conversion. Developed for both experts and beginners, the tool will provide the advanced features necessary for successfully conversion, but also a simple and intuitive GUI to interact with those features.

apple mail to eml converter

Nothing is ignore or overlooked with ‘Mail Extractor Max.’ Tools for converting Apple Mail to EML usually have to make trade-offs between certain abilities and features. There are no such trade-offs with this one. Through innovative software framework, USL Software was managed to create a tool that doesn’t settle; USL didn’t aim for the middle ground.

apple mail to eml conversion

For instance, in-spite of quick and accurate conversion, the tool also offers batch conversion ability without diluting down other aspects of the conversion. You can convert any number of email from Apple Mail database to EML files, regardless of the size and amount.

The most important feature of “Mail Extractor Max” is that it can convert data directly from Apple Mail identity database. Usually tools like these need MBOX files, but you don’t need them here. You can still convert MBOX files traditionally, but USL Software highly recommend the direct and auto-load option.

There are multiple other features including support for non-English text, full log report, the option to convert Apple Mail to other formats (not just EML files), and more.

Get the free trial version if you want to check it out in action. Click here to get the free copy of “Mail Extractor Max” that allows you to convert Apple Mail to EML (ten items per folder).

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