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How to Export Mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Mailboxes have quickly been redefined due to the popularity of emails. Only almost a decade or two ago, mailbox was simply a box mounted on a post at the entrance to someone’s house. Now, the meaning isn’t entirely changed but the location of mailbox and how the mails are received have.

The one we are talking about here is the one that is associated with emails.

Mailbox in Mac Mail are simply folders. They are listed on the left Mail sidebar. You can create more than one mailboxes to organize your emails. Sometimes, few of the mailboxes may not be visible, but you can change that by going into settings.

All of this is fine. But what if you want to move them to Thunderbird? Moving mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird can be more than annoying. If you don’t have proper set of tools, or you are not experienced, you can face a lot of challenges. Even experienced IT professionals find email migration to be an intimidating job.

And that’s because of lack of any pre-built features in either Mac Mail or Thunderbird or any official application that could help users move the mailboxes.

Several Options to Export Mailboxes from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Using MBOX file is NOT an option

There is a confusion that an MBOX file from Mac Mail can be imported into Thunderbird, which is not the case. Because Mac Mail doesn’t use standard MBOX file, but instead .mbox file packages that actually contain EMLX files within them.

So export mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird using the .mbox file packages is also not feasible.

Moving Mailboxes Manually

There are other options. You can move them manually, by adding the same email account (either existing one or creating a new dummy email account) to both the clients, and then syncing the data using IMAP. You do need an email provider that allows the space that your Mac Mail mailboxes currently take.

Third Party Software

One other alternative is to use a third-party program that are built to migrate anything else from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

export mailbox from mac mail to thunderbird

And if your Mac Mail mailboxes are decent enough in size and the data inside them are important, you cannot rely upon any other method than a professional third-party converter. But the issue with them is that most of them are not up to the task. They are incredibly slow and are not equipped with necessary features that will take you where you want to go.

However, there is one tool that goes above all the limitations and challenges Mac Mail export to Thunderbird usually brings. It’s called “Mail Extractor Max” and it is being offered by USL Software, the same company that has brought other excellent solutions regarding email migration.

export mac mail mailbox to thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” doesn’t need MBOX files to convert Mac Mail data to Thunderbird. It can automatically load Mac Mail profile/identity database and gets the data converted straight from there. It’s a major advancement over other traditional tools. This also helps it make the conversion more accurate and precise.

And clearly, converting data in just one click is far more efficient than manually archiving emails to MBOX file and then manually using it to convert to Thunderbird. Now, even no experienced beginners can easily export Mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird without any tutorials or training.

export mailbox from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Try Now to Export Mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

You can try it here. It’s a free demo version that can convert ten items per folder. Check it out today!

Get free trial at

export apple mail mailbox to thunderbird

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Get ”Mail Extractor Max‘ to export Mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

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