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“Mail Extractor Max” is a Mac based software application from USL Software that lets you export Mac Mail to Thunderbird, including other email clients as well.

It can convert:

  1. – Mac Mail to Thunderbird
  2. – Mac Mail to Entourage
  3. – Mac Mail to Mac Outlook 2011
  4. – Mac Mail to Postbox
  5. – Mac Mail to MBOX and EML files

With such powerhouse functionality, you don’t need to go anywhere else for your Mac Mail conversion needs.

Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Let’s take a look at some other top features of “Mail Extractor Max,” and you will see why it has quickly made other traditional tools obsolete in comparison.

export mac mail to thunderbird


mac mail to thunderbirdLet us begin with User Interface. Most developers usually do not consider GUI as that important if the software’s main job is complicated. So, most email migration have to go through complex data extraction, and thus, the interface is often ignored. But that makes all those tool’s higher functionality useless.

Mail Extractor Max” has the best data extractor algorithms, but it has a simple and user-friendly GUI that can be used by anyone.

Support for Unicode

mac mail into thunderbirdUnicode is a standard used to encoded text used in most languages around the world. This includes languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which use double-byte characters instead of single. Most Mac Mail to Thunderbird exporters are inefficient to deal with Unicode text system. “Mail Extractor Max,” on the other hand has full support for converting all languages without exception.

One-in-All Mac Mail Conversion

exporting mac mail to thunderbirdSince this article is focused on exporting Mac Mail to Thunderbird, therefore this feature is little bit out of context, but it is very important nonetheless. “Mail Extractor Max” not only export Mac Mail to Thunderbird, but also to Outlook for Mac, Entourage, Postbox, and even to MBOX and EML files.

Keeps folder Hierarchy Same

export mac mail into thunderbirdDo you arrange your emails in different folders? And you perhaps have other sub-folders inside a parent folder? If you do, you have a rather complex folder hierarchy, and it should be very important for any tool to keep this structure same after conversion from Mac Mail to Thunderbird. Sadly, except “Mail Extractor Max,” most tools fail miserably in that. But “Mail Extractor Max” has a dedicated algorithm that converts your data while keeping the folder hierarchy untouched.

Auto-load Mac Mail Profile

mac mail to thunderbird exportThis is perhaps the most influential feature of all. Almost all tools that export Mac Mail to Thunderbird require you to manually load MBOX or EMLX files for conversion. These files contain the data in archived and raw format respectively. But “Mail Extractor Max” for the first time brings autoloading feature that can get the data from Mac Mail profile database without you having to do anything except click the “auto-load” function icon. This change also impacts other areas like speed and accuracy to a significant level.

Quicker Conversions

mac mail export to thunderbirdAll of the factors engineered to perfection lead to quick and smooth conversions. Most email migration tools, especially the ones that deal with Mac Mail export to Thunderbird are too slow. It was considered to be reasonable since their job is heavy (of extracting data elements from Mac Mail). But “Mail Extractor Max” can now let you convert 1 GB of data in less than 10 minutes, which is almost 200% quicker than most of the other tools.

Download to Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird Mails

Try the free trial version. There is nothing that even comes close for Mac Mail export to Thunderbird than Mac Mail. You can evaluate all the features from up-close using the free trial mode and then you can later buy the full version at your own comfort and leisure.

Download at

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If you any questions or you feel you cannot export Mac Mail to Thunderbird and are stuck at some point, the 24×7 customer support is always there to help you.

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