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Export EMLX to Thunderbird Doesn’t Lead to Precise Output – Try this Approach Instead.

Exporting EMLX to Thunderbird means using a third-party tool that converts the files with *.emlx extension (Apple Mail data files) into files that can be imported into Thunderbird. This is done because Apple Mail does not use standard MBOX files can be imported into Thunderbird with ease.

Export EMLX to Thunderbird

But there’s another way you can get your emails and other items from Apple Mail to Thunderbird without having to go download the EMLX to Thunderbird conversion route.

And why is it avoided by more experienced users? Because it requires a lot of efforts to get it right. The converters to do so are in large parts not built for the precise conversion. That is due to the fault of their poor algorithms to extract information and also because the EMLX files are internal file for Apple Mail and not meant for such purposes like import, export, or migrate.

We recommend the following approach instead:

Mail Extractor Max

Download “Mail Extractor Max” using the link given below. You can try it in free demo mode. This is a tool from USL Software that is nothing like the general EMLX to Thunderbird conversion tools available today. In fact, it is not an EMLX to Thunderbird converter at all.

export emlx to thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” converts Apple Mail database directly from its source called Profile folder of Apple Mail. You can simply select Auto-load from its options and it will get all your contents ready to convert from there. You can even choose a backup database location too, but there’s no need to manually look for EMLX files and select them for conversion one by one.

Super Easy Export EMLX to Thunderbird

“Mail Extractor Max” offers a lot of unique benefits over any other tools for this purpose that you can get. This is because of its direct Auto load function and how it is generally designed by the experienced team of USL Software:

  • It Supports conversion of all Unicode text characters, both from the bodies of emails, email headers (MIME defined), and from the email addresses. Unicode means all languages used today including English. It converts such complex characters as well like Japanese and Chinese.
  • It keeps the folder hierarchy intact. When you convert EMLX to Thunderbird, you are converting raw files. There’s no system of getting the hierarchy of your folders automatically right. But with “Mail Extractor Pro,” it simply maps the entire database that you select for conversion into Thunderbird compatible database, resulting in the perfect folder hierarchy like original.
  • The tool comes with a tech support available all the time. If you converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird for the first time, you may find the tool’s UI extremely easy to follow, but there can be instances where you may need few of your queries and questions answered, and you won’t get the answers with most of the generic EMLX to Thunderbird export tools. But with USL Software, you can get in touch with the support staff at any time and resolve anything you might not be able to resolve yourself.

Download to Export EMLX to Thunderbird

Here’s the link for the installer file, which is small in size, and you can install the tool in no time. It runs by default on a free trial mode that limits items for conversion per folder to ten, but without taking away your freedom in trying out any other feature it offers.

Download the setup and get started right away.

You will see the difference between the more common but ineffective solution like export EMLX to Thunderbird and “Mail Extractor Max” instantly.

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