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Convert Emlx to Thunderbird

If you are looking for EMLX to Thunderbird converter, you’d be surprised by ‘Mail Extractor Max’ by USL Software. Firstly, because it is not exactly an EMLX to Thunderbird converter. But it achieves what you eventually want, and that is to move your data from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

Usually, the job of email migration across two different email clients is done through the conversion of their data files, unless both support a similar file format (like Apple Mail and Thunderbird can both support MBOX file). Therefore, converting EMLX to Thunderbird is considered the common method for Mac Mail data migration.

And this is where ‘Mail Extractor Max’ comes out as an excellent alternative to years of practice of commonly accepted yet inefficient and risky data file conversion.

This tool (by USL) features an auto-load feature that can automatically get your emails directly from the ‘Mail’ folder, which is an identity database storing everything. You don’t even need MBOX or EMLX file to start the transfer process. And this makes the difference in speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

Other than that, “Mail Extractor Max” also offers features like:

  1. Supporting non-English conversion including languages that are encoded in double-byte characters (Japanese, Chinse, etc.)
  2. Preserve folder hierarchy (the structure of your email folders). It converts every folder accurately without changing their order.
  3. Allow users to sort folders according to their types (mails, contacts, or calendar) and then allow them to select the folders they want to convert and ignore the rest. You can also ignore all the empty folders to make conversion cleaner and efficient.
  4. Full conversion report for in-depth detailed analysis for the entire conversion process.
  5. Quick conversion. Convert large databases in few minutes.
  6. 24×7 conversion report.
  7. Plenty of options for conversion Mac Mail data to other formats. This article concerns only Mac Mail conversion to Thunderbird, but as an added bonus info, ‘Mail Extractor Max’ allows you to convert MBOX or Mac Mail data to plenty of other formats including Postbox, Mac Mail to MBOX, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, EML, RGE, etc.

USL Software is known to bring top level solutions that can be used by beginners without compromising the functionality. This tool is not different. It offers large scale migration abilities and yet, it can also be used by basic home users for small to medium size databases. The GUI is built in a way that it helps users convert data effortless without distracting them with unnecessary manual steps. But it also doesn’t take away the flexibility for more advanced users.

Get it today. The free trial version converts ten items per folder from Mac Mail database. It can be used any number of times and you have access to all the features without limitations.

Convert EMLX to Thunderbird with Zero Hassle

convert emlx to thunderbird

emlx to thunderbird converter

Mail Extractor Max helps you to convert EMLX to Thunderbird, Outlook:mac 2011, Entourage 2004/2008, Postbox, MBOX & EML.

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