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Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 using Mail Extractor Max

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Are you trying to convert data from Mac Mail to Outlook 2011? If you have never tried any solution yet, you are lucky. If you have already gone through the trouble that comes with manual methods or ordinary tools, you are also lucky. Because, there is a solution that will just straight-out surprise you by its efficiency, ease of use, and the overall performance.

But before, here are few of the terminologies you should know –

Mbox – It is a file format used by Mac Mail to store data.

Mail – here it is in regards to the “Mail” folder inside Apple Mail database where the emails are stored.

Olm – Olm is a file format that is used by Outlook 2011 to store data.

So, the solution to move from Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 is not to try to import Mbox files directly to Outlook 2011. Although, it is technically possible. Outlook 2011 does offer importing Mbox files. But, for those who haven’t yet tried it, my suggestion is to stay away from it. It is not easy for multitude reasons. One of the most common one is that Outlook 2011 often times has this feature for Importing Mbox file disabled. It would take years to actually make this method work properly.

The solution, instead, is to convert Mbox files to Olm files. That would never give any trouble because Olm is the basic format for Outlook 2011 for any kind of interaction with data. Naturally, this also makes importing Olm files much more accurate than importing Mbox files.

But the point is how to convert Mbox to Olm files? Can it be done through manual methods, or do you any third party software to perform it?

Before I answer that, I want to make another point.

There is yet another possibility, which is far better, for experts and basic computer users alike. It is not insanely easy, but is also much more precise than any other solution I described – Convert directly from the “Mail” folder.

How to do that? Simple – through “Mail Extractor Max”, a professional third party software that is so well designed and developed for its user-friendliness that you would hardly even notice performing the task. The GUI is easy to navigate around and all the features are simple to apply whenever required.

convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2011

So, this tool “Mail Extractor Max” will load up the contents from your “Mail” folder and convert them to Olm files. And then import those Olm files to Outlook 2011. 100% accurate, faster than any other method, and easy to perform. There are no hassles, no glitches, and no compromises. The data will be converted to Olm files with zero modification or data integrity issues. The email attachments, embedded images, properties of emails, nested messages, All languages (including double-byte characters), and even the structure of your folders will be preserved.

So, coming back to the question of how to convert Mbox to Olm – the answer is, why do you even need to, when this tool can directly load up your “Mail” folder and all its contents? However, suppose, Apple Mail is not installed and you just have Mbox file with all your emails stored in it? What would you do that in situation?

The good news is that “Mail Extractor Max” also features another notable functionality where it can also load Mbox files manually. It can override automatic loading your “Mail” folder and can instead load up your Mbox files. Just choose the right option when you click on “Load”.

“Mail Extractor Max” is definitely a game-changing software when it comes to converting Mac Mail to Outlook 2011. That is not just based on one feature, or two, or three – but instead of its overall performance, which is a result of is wide range of features, its user-friendly, and accuracy of conversion.

Why wait? Find out how it works by clicking here. The link is to download the free trial version.

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