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Any kind of transferring of data has one major concern – the loss of certain parts of data or information during the transfer. And that is not observed in any other process more than it is during conversion of Mbox to Olm Mac.

When you convert Mbox to Olm Mac, there are certain parts of information stored in Mbox that is failed to be converted to Olm Mac. That is one of the major concern that often times eclipses other concerns about the task. And if you doing the same, you are mostly certainly be concerned or even anxious about the incomplete transfer.

convert mbox to olm

Here are the examples of those elements or a subset of information that is lost or at least modified when the data is converted from Mbox to Olm Mac –

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  • Attached files with Emails (Mostly files that have rare extensions)
  • Any sort of graphical data (photos, graphs, charts, bars, pie charts, etc.) that is embedded within the body of sent or received emails
  • Nested Messages
  • Meta-data, SMTP headers, and other properties of emails. Examples include Cc, Bcc, To, Subject line, time and date
  • Non-English characters from the email text


All of these are incredibly hard to extract into Olm files. So if someone is converting anything that contains information from work or business, these losses might be even more detrimental and can really make the user more anxious. Even for personal users who are only transferring personal emails with no sensitive data, it is still not desirable.

Here’s the solution for the meticulous data conversion!

So, how can one convert Mbox to Olm Mac without these issues of data integrity?

The best way is to employ an effective file Mbox to Olm converter. That converter should be able to reach to the roots of Mbox files, pick up every single minute details of your emails and extract them into Olm for Mac. The programming should be such that it has no negative affect on the original data, and yet should be able to perform this whole task with intensity and laser sharp accuracy.

It is hard to fine such converters. Even if you do find them, most of the times they are generally hard to do, requires a lot of manual intervention, and have one or two major flaws.

But there is one tool that has always stood the test of time – “Mail Extractor Max”. It has a phenomenal ability to perform the kind of exhaustive conversion that doesn’t leave any detail or information from Mbox. Everything is converted into Olm Mac without zero data integrity issues. Email attachments, graphical embedded objects into email body, non-English text, nested messages, and every other meta-data.

If you want, you can see this tool in action without any risk. Download its free copy here, and see how it works out for you. It will only convert 10 items inside the Mbox folders, but it will give you an idea of how meticulous the conversion of the emails is.

“Mail Extractor Max” also has a 24×7 customer support team behind you for any kind of query you might have.

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