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Convert EMLX to EML with Smart Way

Converting EMLX to EML demands polished software applications that are built with keeping several things in mind. Because the EMLX file isn’t supposed to be used for conversion or backup purpose, the tools forcing data extraction from EMLX files have to be adept at it. Otherwise, the data in the resulting files (EML) can be heavily fragmented and defective.

The above sentiment clearly establishes the fact that using freeware to convert EMLX to EML files isn’t a good idea. But let’s see in details what you gain and lose by opting for a freeware in comparison to a commercial software program.

A freeware EMLX to EML converter is something that is available to public at no cost, but its source code can be copyrighted. (A free software or open source software is different than a freeware.) That doesn’t mean that such converters cannot be a source of earning for the publisher. In fact, more often than not, a freeware tool in an email migration industry is often released with an intention to encourage sales for a higher version of the same tool or through some other business model that can be unethical or not.

As stated above, it’s a complicated job to write algorithms and logic to extract information from EMLX files and to convert it into EML files. Therefore, getting a decent freeware application is a long shot.

So, the free tools can have a lot of problems in comparison to professional and commercial tools:

No Support

A stable, easy to use, and safe program may not need a support. However, when talking about email migration, a support comes a long way even if the tool is truly proficient in its main job. A freeware application has no support of any kind. You are all on your own.

No Obligation to keep your data safe

Since most of the freeware apps to convert EMLX to EML don’t even have a known publisher and can be downloaded from random places, no one has any responsibility to keep your data or computer safe. This point gets even more important when you consider the next point.

PUPs, adware, and Malware

Most of the freeware tools are full of PUPs (Potentially unwanted programs), adware, and malware files. To convert your files for free from a non-proven utility, you risk getting harmful applications installed in your machine that can have irretrievable effect. And, there would be no one to ask for help.

Not Really Free

Most of the tools are marketed as free conversion programs for EMLX to EML, however, they aren’t really so. The published decides to release a limited edition and call it a complete freeware tool. Where in reality, he or she actually intended to convince users to buy the full version, which is usually costly. Such practices often show up when a tool isn’t competent enough for its price. Releasing a trial version is very different from releasing an almost useless tool and market it as a complete free solution.


At last, the worst part of these freeware tools is that they don’t really convert data from EMLX to EML fully. They don’t have the necessary features to pull the task through successfully. You might miss many of your data elements, or might find many defects in output files. You can notice the loss of attachments, damaged images, broken characters (mostly non-English), and other such fragmentation issues.

Therefore, always choose a professional tool built by a certified and known company. EMLX to EML is considered a complex and tedious task, but with a proper software application, it is not such.

One such acclaimed commercial tool is “Mail Extractor Max” by USL Software. It is available to download as a free trial version to check out it works. After you are confident with it, there are also several licenses to choose from (personal, household, enterprise, etc.).

convert emlx to eml freeware
Mail Extractor Max can directly load Apple Mail Database for conversion. No need to export EMLX file. Click on “Auto Load” to load automatic and Click on “Open”, if you have “Mail” folder copied or Apple Mail Mailbox Export.
convert emlx to eml
It can convert Apple Mail / EMLX to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, Thunderbird/Postbox, MBOX & EML file format.

Try for free to convert EMLX to EML

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To convert emlx to eml file, try Mail Extractor Max for best result.

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