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OST to PST Conversion is a perfectly doable and easy task which should be executed by everyone. However, because no one is aware of this they tend to refrain from this task.

One can easily convert OST files with the help of a professional tool like OST Extractor Pro.

OST to PST Conversion

OST to PST Conversion Tool

OST Extractor Pro has an amazing interface which allows anyone to convert OST files to PST with ease. The tool’s simple and amazing user interface provides self-explanatory wizards which demystify OST to PST Conversion for everyone and make the process a delight.

This is extremely helpful to companies as they do not have to waste time preparing manuals and briefing employees in usage of the tool. OST Extractor Pro can be put to use as soon as it is downloaded. OST to PST Conversion is a cakewalk with the help of it. Your employees will love it.

OST to PST Conversion Tool

Accurate OST to PST Conversion

OST Extractor Pro provides conversions in bulk which helps a lot with a large OST database. A large OST database is provided with all the support and backup through its conversion to PST format. OST Extractor Pro achieves this with the help of its batching approach which empowers it to convert any size of OST database in shortest time possible. This helps companies a lot as they can get over OST to PST Conversion in one take and do not have to waste time. This also means that they can carry on their primary and more important tasks as early as possible.

OST Extractor Pro understands completely what modern mails are made of. This knowledge helps it in performing complete OST to PST Conversions by converting every part of mails and not leaving anything behind. Everything from nested mails to embedded images to attachments of various kinds gets converted to PST format in the shortest time possible.

Safe and Secure OST to PST Conversion

OST Extractor Pro also keeps the folder hierarchy intact. This helps employees a lot in the post-conversion process. In fact without this step all the hard work in the earlier phases goes to waste. A conversion process carried out in the shortest time possible is of no use when employees have to waste time in locating their desired files because in the conversion process their folder arrangement was all messed up. OST Extractor Pro prevents this from happening. It preserves folder hierarchy and helps employees in the post-conversion phase too.

Try Before You Pay

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version which you can make use of to verify the aforementioned features for yourself. USL software understands the need of companies to verify a tool completely before making a big investment. Though the licenses of OST Extractor Pro are well affordable but you can also check the demo version and make sure you are making the right decision.

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OST to PST Conversion in Windows & Mac

But before downloading the tool, make sure you have the following requirements:-


OST Extractor Pro only works with MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13.

For Windows

In Windows OST Extractor Pro does not require Microsoft Outlook anymore. However, it requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or higher. It is only compatible with Outlook 97 to 2016 or office 365 OST files, along with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server 2008/2012.

OST to PST Conversion Software

You need this tool and you need it right now! Get OST Extractor Pro for OST to PST Conversion.

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