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If you work in any professional environment then you know, conversion of emails is not a thing that you can avoid. But you can make it smarter and efficient.

Mac Mail to PST Converter

The days of you struggling with your Mac Mail to PST Converter and compromising with the conversion process are now over.

Mail Extractor Pro is the ultimate converter tool that solves all your conversion problems and help you in achieving that perfect conversion process.

Mac Mail to PST

Mail Extractor Pro: The Need for a professional solution

With increasing dependency on data and its most effective means of transfer, email, the need of conversion has been on an all-time high.

All the data in today’s world travel via email and messing up this data can be a scary thought. And the conversion phase is one of the most vulnerable state your data can be in.

If you choose the wrong Mac Mail to PST Converter, then it may end up causing you more trouble than you already have on your hands. So, choosing the right Mac Mail to PST Converter is very important and there is no better than Mail Extractor Pro.

Accurate, Smart and Precise

Accuracy of any Mac Mail to PST Converter makes or breaks the deal. If your converter tool is not accurate enough then you may have to go about converting your files multiple times and still may not end up with the desired result.

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

This was exactly the case with previous Mac Mail to PST Converters. The accuracy and precision of mail converter tool always plays an important plan in achieving the perfect conversion process.

Automatic Scanning of Database

Mail Extractor Pro makes the process smarter by automating the loading up of database file. This reduces human intervention and with that reduces human prone error.

The tool’s accuracy is such that it doesn’t leaves anything behind during the conversion process and converts everything present in your input file down to the last bit.

The precision of this Mac Mail to PST Converter allows it to retain the folder hierarchy of the input file thus, producing an output file which is a replica of the input file.

This makes your post conversion operations like debugging and navigation easy.

Unicode or ASCII, It Does Really Matter?

Unicode and ASCII are the two primary encoding schemes in which your email data is encoded. The textual data that travels through the email is encoded under the ASCII encoding scheme and rest of the data like timestamps, attachments etc. are encoded under Unicode.

Most Mac Mail to PST Converters are fairly equipped to deal with the ASCII side of data it’s the Unicode part that causes problems for you.

Unicode is a bit different from your ASCII encoding scheme and is therefore, a little tricky to convert. Therefore, most converter tools fail at this very step and thus, ending up with an incomplete conversion process that may have negative effects on your data.

Mail Extractor Pro converts the Unicode data present in your input file and provides you with a safer and complete conversion process.

Mac Mail to PST Converter

How to Convert Mac Mail to PST

  1. Download and install ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.
  2. Open it and click on “Apple Mail”Load“.
  3. Click On “Auto Load” for detect and load data automatically.
    • Auto Load” is recommended. If you have backup copy of Apple Mail then click on “Open” and browse your database.
  4. Check/Uncheck folders from preview. By Default all are selected.
  5. Check on Ignore Empty Folders, if you don not want them.
  6. Set PST file size, if your Mailbox size is larger than the outlook support. (Recommended 15 GB).
  7. Click on “Convert”
How to Convert Mac Mail to PST

Get Mac Mail to PST Converter

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Download the free trial of the tool today and experience all this from this ultimate Mac Mail to PST Converter. So, get started.

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