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Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird (directly or using MBOX Files) Without the Trace of Data Integrity Corruption

What happens usually in a task like importing OS X Mail to Thunderbird is the loss of data integrity. Many tools can completely lose the files or damage the original database, but that is the extreme case of email migration gone wrong. However, even with decent tools, the majority of cases suffer with the corruption of data integrity.

The difference with the complete data loss and data integrity loss is subtle, but not being aware of this can make a mess of your data. In data loss, the tool fails to convert the entire files and you can suffer the loss of your data. The data integrity loss is about the damage or unwanted modification of information or details, like read/unread status, damage to images, broken characters (especially non-English text), corrupt Email Ids, etc.

Data Integrity corruption can be worse than the complete data loss. Because the non-conversion of entire files is easy to detect. But damage or modification to certain details may not come into light instantly. You may realize it later that most of your non-English text is broken, or the embedded images are damaged.

To counter-attack this limitation and drawbacks of our modern OS X Mail to Thunderbird file converters, USL Software has brought an impressive tool with advanced mechanism to ensure safe and clean data migration. This tool works with very precise and unique, in-depth algorithms that safeguard every little piece of information that is in process. The protocols of data safety and integrity protection shield the element of your emails from any threat of loss or corruption.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Max,” and it is not just an improved version of other typical tools for importing OS Mail into Thunderbird. It’s an entirely new form of application developed from scratch by the experience team of developers at USL Software. And they have a list of features to show for it.

import os x mail into thunderbird

Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird – Mail Extractor Max

The most important part of “Mail Extractor Max” is that it offers two different methods for inputting data for conversion. If you have emails and contacts you want to import OS X Mail into Thunderbird, you can do it in two ways – either archive all of them to MBOX files and use those files to convert to Thunderbird compatible files, which is the traditional method for many tools. Or, you can let the tool auto-load everything straightaway from the email database of Apple mail.

Every expert on email migration will tell you how effective and thorough the second approach is, as compared to the traditional MBOX to Thunderbird conversion. While exporting data to MBOX files, you can expect at least some form of data to be either lost or damaged. So, the process is doomed from the start despite of rigorous algorithms that the tool applies at the files.

Direct approach totally eliminates that manual step and thus helps you get rid of the intermediary step that is the most dominant cause of data corruption.

You are also gifted with several new features that make your migration project even more successful than any conventional technique can. These features include the full conversion of text and characters despite of the language or encoding standards used. Most tools fail to pick up text in UTF-8 or any other encoding styles other than ASCII. Which simply means that they lose or damage the non-English text. “Mail Extractor Max” is developed carefully to support such important features. It can also protect your folder hierarchy, read/unread status of emails, metadata, headers, signatures, nested messages, and so on.

At last, the efficiency and friendliness of this tool won’t be complete without mentioning of 24×7 customer support from USL Software. Whatever it is that you want to ask, or whatever problem that you are facing, the team of experts at USL is always ready to make it as painless as possible.

This is for the first time in the entire history of projects like importing OS X Mail into Thunderbird, do you get such a streamline experience. Otherwise, it can get quite tricky and almost frustrating, especially for beginners.

importing os x mail into thunderbird


So, download the installer file. You can start using it almost instantly in its free trial mode without activation or signing up for anything. This free mode works for indefinite period of time and gives you access to all the features, except that it limits the conversion to ten items per folder. More than enough to give you a peek at its potential and power.

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Download now, and never worry about the task to import OS X Mail into Thunderbird.

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