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Import EMLX to EML file format

Mail Extractor Max” is a tool from USL Software that converts Mac Mail data to EML files, which gives the same result as converting EMLX to EML but with far better accuracy. It also makes the job much quicker and easier for beginners since they do not have to manually fiddle with the data files and other unnecessary chores.

The conventional EMLX to EML converter require users to load the EMLX files for conversion, which is obvious given their name. EMLX is a file used by Mac Mail to store email messages; a single EMLX file store a single email. Therefore, to convert your database, you first have to find and then load every one of them. If you have many emails that you stored over many years, the conventional method of converting these files will become practically impossible.

Import EMLX to EML with No Hassle

But “Mail Extractor Max” works differently. With this tool, you never have to worry about where your profile database for Mac Mail is stored. You never have to manually look for EMLX files or do any such tasks.

import emlx to eml

The tool features an Auto-load option that can automatically pick up your Mac Mail entire profile database from its default installed location. It also allows you to choose any other backup database directory that you want to convert to EML.

The result is same – you get your Mail Mail data converted to EML but without unnecessarily converting the EMLX files.

This approach has a lot of benefits.

One is very obvious that this way makes the job much quicker and easier. As compared to manually loading each EMLX file and dozens of other actions, here you just have to click on a single option named “Auto-load” and you are good to go.

But what may not be so obvious for the first timers is that converting Mac Mail from the directory where the primary profile/identity is saved works far better for the conversion accuracy as well. Since manual actions are not required, it reduces human error. And since it targets the main source of where everything is stored in its original form and architecture, it gets easier for the tool to deliver output without losing the fidelity of data.

All your original metadata, attachments, folder hierarchy, and other components will be converted to EML Files without modification. This unwanted changes is often called the loss of data integrity and means that even though every file is converted, the details inside them have lost their original form, structure, etc.

Most common example is the corruption of images inside the email contents. Another example is the loss of folder hierarchy; you have converted the folders but the way they were arranged inside Mac Mail isn’t how they appear after conversion in EML files.

There are plenty of other common errors that are hard to avoid through traditional methods of importing EMLX to EML, but “Mail Extractor Max” improves the accuracy to almost 100% where the entire integrity is preserved.

Get it to Import EMLX to EML

Download the setup below and try it out in a free trial mode!

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To import EMLX to EML file format, try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today.

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