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“Mail Extractor Max” – The Best Tool to Import EMLX into Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max,” the much-awaited tool by USL Software for Mac Mail migration is finally here. It introduces the incredibly direct conversion algorithms and a user-friendly interface for the users with heavy email usage.

Up until now, the tools used to convert Mac Mail data to another email clients’ format were painful to use, to say the least. They were mostly Windows based, despite the fact that the email clients that users wish to transfer the data were in Mac. Not just that, the developers of those ordinary migration tools often fail to provide a usable or user-friendly interface to users to make it not so confusing as it generally is.

Thanks to USL Software that is not the case anymore. Their long list of critically acclaimed email migration tools has one more item to make up for all the troubles in Mac Mail migration problems around the world.

The biggest concern was usually regarding EMLX to Thunderbird conversion. Thunderbird is a cross-platform email client that can import MBOX files, but doesn’t find EMLX files recognizable. This makes it difficult or at least the process very lengthy for the end users. Even then, the transfer is usually incomplete and full of incongruities in data integrity.

USL Software came up with a creative approach to that. And by “creative,” we mean entirely different and unconventional. The traditional approach of using MBOX or EMLX files is a thing of past now. It worked well for a while, but it’s no secret that using the archived files in the traditional manner didn’t quite pan out good for users with large database. It was time for a change, and USL Software is one that brings it yet again this time.

Instead of loading your Mac Mail files by yourself (either EMLX or MBOX), the tool called “Mail Extractor Max” allows you to choose ‘Auto-load’ function that so seamlessly get your emails automatically from where they are stored. You are free of all hassles that all the typical programs dumped on you.

When you launch the tool, you will get two options for inputting the data for conversion – Auto-load and Open. ‘Open’ simply means opening up your MBOX files (the traditional approach). This option is given so that some users who wish to do things in their own traditional style can. But USL strongly recommend going down the road of “automatic loading.”

When you choose that option, the tool can target the “Mail” folder in your users’ library, also called identity directories for Mac Outlook. Not only is that incredibly simple and labor-free, it also results in sharper data safety with no losses or damage to the fidelity of data.

USL Software even incorporate few functions that you have always wished for in an email migration tool such as this. For instance, you can now ignore all empty folders and directly eliminated from conversion. You can read the full log report for the conversion and have in-depth details of everything, making it highly precious feature for users with bulky database. You can also manually exclude any folder from your ‘Mail’ folder that you do not want to convert.

All of these cutting-edge functions in “Mail Extractor Max” become more impressive when you realize how easy it is to apply at necessary times. You don’t need any kind of training to get the transfer of data done. You can read the tutorial of how to use the tool in other pages published here, but it is not entirely necessary.

The graphical wizard of the tool is so simple and systematic that you won’t even realize when everything is done.

You can give it a shot here. Just install the tool using this installer file, and get started within a minute under the free trial mode. Get a clearer idea of the tool’s functions and everything, and only then go for the full paid license. The free trial mode works for ten items per folder, but doesn’t lock any other premium feature.

Import EMLX into Thunderbird with No Hassle

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To import Emlx into Thunderbird, try Mail Extractor Max today.

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