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Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac is super easy with this amazing tool. It is with 4 easy steps.

If you are moving from Apple Mail to other mac email clients, you cannot afford to miss Mail Extractor Max’. It is a tool designed to make the Apple Mail transition to other clients relatively easier and prolific.

Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

Its function is to convert Apple Mail to various other email formats for Mac, including, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc. Additionally, it can convert Apple Mail database to EML and EMLX format as well. Its range of features and simple interface makes it the top most choice among Mac users for their email migration needs.

import apple mail to outlook 2011

There are ways to export the data from Apple Mail to other email clients of your choice. However, without experience and enough knowledge, manual methods are demanding. Even with knowledge and prior experience, it takes a lot of time and the process is exhausting.

The wiser decision is to opt for third party email migration tools that could make the task easier. There could not be a better tool than Mail Extractor Max, as the developers programmed it after the latest technology, and the top experts in the industry designed the overall software.

1. Safety of the files

It has the distinct programs and functionality needed to protect your files from dangers of data loss and data corruption during the process. It creates an instant shield of computer programs across the data perimeter to prevent it from unfortunate events, such as computer shutdown, power failure, system background programs interference, and viruses.

2. Data Integration preserved

It fully maintains the data consistency and accuracy before and after the conversion. The unique technology added to its core ensures there is no data modification along the process. Mail Extractor Max has the capability of extracting the complete data from the source and safely converts it to the destination undamaged. It does so without any information leakage/loss, unwanted modification, or corruption during the conversion of Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 or any other email client.

Many times, ordinary tools lose the information (part of the data) during the conversion or corrupt it. Such parts of your email data are very important and you may never want to lose them. Mail Extractor Max efficiently manages to preserve the following kinds of data:-

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Embedded images within emails
  • Attachments
  • Metadata (to, cc, Bcc, Subject)
  • Nested messages
  • Contact photos in addressbook

3. Performance Enhancement – Speed and Stability

Constant and smooth functioning, no crashes, Fast Operating speed, fast actual conversion speed; these are as important factors as the major feature itself.

However, due to the wicked and complex nature of Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 conversion (or any other conversion, for that matter), the ordinary tool lags and gets sloppy.

Not ‘Mail Extractor Max!’ The functions execute swiftly without lags. The actual conversions also run faster and is done in time.

The absence or presence of the three factors discussed above is most crucial in concluding the overall value of the email migration tool offers. Without the guaranteed safety, no data integrity measures, and sloppiness, the tool lacks the fundamental requirements by end-users.

If your major concern is to import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 or Entourage or similar other Mac based email clients, try the tool today.

USL Software designed “Mail Extractor Max” which specializes in email migration specifically, and thus, has always been an authority in email converter tools.

How to Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Launch it and click on “LOAD
    1. AUTO LOAD – To auto load your Apple Mail Data
    2. OPEN  – To locate Apple Mail Mailbox or “Mail” folder copied
  2. Optional Settings
    1. Ignore Empty Folders
    2. Check/Uncheck Folders
  3. Select output format – “Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011
  4. Click on “CONVERT“.

NOTE: The converted file is in *.rge file format. MS Outlook 2011 for Mac supports the RGE file.

How to Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

Download to import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

Get free trial here:

Once confident with the tool’s safety, data integrity, and the stability – order the full version.

Or else, you will be missing a lot.

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