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To Import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac requires a tool that can do the heavy job of data conversion between two email clients. Outlook 2011 Mac doesn’t support Mbox files, which is the format Mac mail inherently supports. Therefore, this creates a problem when users are switching their client from Apple mail to Outlook 2011 because of incompatibility of data files.

Many people are searching for the easiest way to import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac. Sadly, there isn’t official support from Apple or Microsoft to move data. However, there are many third party apps that can help you, if you are willing to compromise with the low quality of conversion, and give a lot of your time to use them.

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Many third party apps that convert Mbox files to Olm files or Mac Mail database to Mac Outlook Olm files are inefficient and do not convert data with integrity preserved. They lose certain elements of database like images, folder hierarchy, attachments, headers, meta-data, etc. Furthermore, they are very hard to use because of their interfaces, which are built without much attention.

That’s where USL Software comes into the picture. It’s a company that has brought several popular email migration solutions, including “Mail Extractor Max” for importing Apple Mail data to Outlook 2011 Mac. The tool also has a user-friendly interface that can be used by any users from less to none experienced users.

To import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac, Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird/Postbox Emails, MBOX & EML file format, Try Mail Extractor Max.

import apple mail to outlook 2011 mac

The biggest feature is the flexibility in loading your data for conversion.

The biggest feature is the flexibility in loading your data for conversion. The data that you have to convert may be inside Mac Mail identity folder, or Mbox file, or some ‘Mail’ folder copied from another computer or location. With “Mail Extractor Max”, you are free to convert data from any of these options.

Auto-load – Automatically detect the primary ‘Mail’ folder on your Mac that stores everything of Apple Mail.

Open – You can load ‘Mail’ folder that you copied from any computer or location. You can also load Mbox files.

Once you have loaded the database, you can very easily choose the folders for conversion, choose output as “Outlook Mac” and click “Convert”. Depending on the size of the database, the tool will take few minutes to convert everything.

Moreover, the tool is a complete package for Mac Mail conversion. Which means Outlook 2011 (or Olm files) is just one of the format that you can get. It also offers other output formats as well, such as, Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook Mac 2011, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mbox, or Eml files.

importing apple mail to outlook 2011 mac

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Mail Extractor Max” has truly ended the frustration that users had to face when importing data from Mac mail to Outlook 2011. You can perform this otherwise tedious job effortlessly. Thanks to its effective data migration algorithms and cleverly designed interface.

To import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac, Click Here to download the free copy of Mail Extractor Max.

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