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How to import Apple Mail to Entourage Archive (*.rge)

Importing Apple Mail to Entourage means moving your data including emails, contacts, and calendar entries from Mac Mail client to Entourage client. If you are looking for the same, this article will give you the best possible way to do that.

First of all, what kind of a client Entourage is, and why Apple Mail import to Entourage is difficult?

Entourage was an email client for Mac from Microsoft. It was later discontinued and was replaced by Outlook for Mac in 2010. Entourage was part of Office suite and offered an efficient way of dealing with emails on Mac for those who were Microsoft Office users.

Because it was discontinued does not mean that users do not use it anymore. You probably do. Or you probably want to send your Mac Mail data to an Entourage user. And that’s where the trouble begins.

Apple Mail uses .mbox file packages to archive or store data. These .mbox packages are not standard and generic MBOX files. Even if they were, they wouldn’t be compatible with Entourage. Therefore, moving data from Apple Mail can get a little complicated.

For years, many users went through the traditional route of data migration using IMAP sync method. In that, you have to first create a dummy email account, sync all your Mac Mail data to that account. Then add the same account in Entourage and let the data sync from servers to the client.

Obviously, this was time consuming. But worst, it was never complete and accurate. No matter how careful you were, you would often miss one or more folders to migrate. A slight disconnection from internet would miss certain items from your database. Needless to say, it was a rather inefficient and slow approach to import Apple Mail to Entourage. And sadly, there were no alternatives.

But the good news is that now the times have changed. Today we have a simple tool for you that you can use for Apple Mail import to Entourage without any hassles.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Max” and is compatible with Mac OS X. It can easily do what any user would expect during email migration. But it does so in its own ways that are different from other traditional ways. It doesn’t need MBOX or EMLX file from Apple Mail. You can directly choose “Auto-load’ to instruct the tool to get data from Apple Mail profile folders automatically. You can also choose the backup profile folder or any other custom profile folder if you want.

import apple mail to entourage

The best Way to Import Apple Mail to Entourage

This quick approach makes the entire process much more simple and effective.

More than that, “Mail Extractor Max” has made a surprisingly advancements on the accuracy of data migration. It doesn’t miss out any single item no matter how small and precisely converts it for Entourage format. This includes all the metadata like To, From, Cc, Bcc, and so on. It also supports the conversion of non-English text fully.

Using the tool is incredibly simple, too, thanks to its user-friendly GUI. There is nothing here that you would want to understand first. Everything flows naturally and intuitively.

Just get the free demo edition here. Install it like you’d install any regular software application. Launch it, and you get to try out all the features for free. No hassles about initial configuration or setup or anything like that. Just direct download and install and use.

The demo version works for ten items within each folder inside Mac Mail profile folder. More than enough for you to make up your mind. Later you can easily upgrade it into full version where there is no limitation on how many emails you can convert.

Download today to import Apple Mail to Entourage.

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