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Do you want to convert your EMLX files to EML Mac?

The Best Tool To Convert EMLX to EML Mac

The thing is both EMLX and EML files are data files. Converting one to the other requires a lot more complicated programming that often doesn’t result in accurate output.

So, today, we’ve got a pretty excellent solution to convert your Mac data. Instead of converting EMLX to EML, you can convert the primary database folder for Mac Mail directly into EML without digging around for files manually.

The tool that will let you do that is called “Mail Extractor Max” and is developed by USL Software. It offers a simple interface that even a beginner can use without efforts. Through advanced logic that ensures every component is converted accurately, you get precise output. There’s no loss of images, attachments, folder hierarchy, non-English text, headers, and so on.

convert emlx to eml mac

Let’s take a quick look at its most notable features:

First of all, the tool converts Mac Mail data to EML directly from the database without requiring EMLX files. But, more than that, it is also a Mac utility for converting Apple Mail data to Outlook 2011, Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird, and EML files.

One of its most prominent features includes the ability to detect, extract, and finally convert text in any language. This includes Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other variants of the similar language that uses double-byte characters.

The tool also keeps in check your folder hierarchy. Which means while converting Apple Mail to EML files (or other formats), you will not lose the structure of all your folders and subfolders.

The most important feature of any software application is the interface through which user interacts with the features and functionalities. If that is done poorly, nothing else matters. Fortunately, with ‘Mail Extractor Max,’ you get an extremely functional GUI that not only lets you apply the features without efforts, but also offers a lot of flexibility and ease of use.

Speed of conversion by “Mail Extractor Max” is another one of its excellent features that makes your productivity higher. You will not lose unnecessary hours trying to convert your data that any other ordinary tool doesn’t care about. Through its faster data processing, you can get 1Gb of data converted in less than ten minutes, under normal conditions.

Manually check folders that you want to convert. Ignore the ones you don’t. This feature makes it possible to not convert the entire database unnecessarily if you don’t want it. For some users, it could be a priceless feature that will save you a lot of time.

Try it today to convert EMLX to EML Mac

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy the full version just to check it out. USL Software offers a free demo that you can download using the link below. It’s one of the best offers that USL Software offers for all of its software applications. You can download “Mail Extractor Max” in less than two minutes, install it quickly, and get started.

Download Page: It works on Mac.

convert emlx to eml

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To convert EMLX to EML Mac, try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today.

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