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Export Emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” is an email migration tool from USL Software that helps you export emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird and other clients. It’s an excellent software application that takes care of the data safety, converts with a fast speed, and has an intuitive interface for all beginners to use without problems.

USL Software has been around for many years now. Their excellent solutions for migrating emails have been received well around the world. “Mail Extractor Max” is another one of those powerful tools that is now added into the product line of USL Software.

If you have a lot of emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, and other items in your Apple Mail, ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ will help you move them into Thunderbird.

Why not migrate data manually?

Because it is not technically feasible. Manual techniques can take a lot of time, especially if you are not experienced with the complexity of emails. Moreover, even experts and advanced users often fail to convert data cleanly. They end up with data fragmentation, missing a lot of details, metadata, and other items from output.

Simply put, you should avoid any manual migration ways because they cannot keep the data from getting corrupt and imprecise.

What makes “Mail Extractor Max” special?

There are many factors that go into making a software application. A decent email migration application should have all of those factors well developed by an experienced team of developers. Having all components fine-tuned to perform a complex job of exporting emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird can make all the difference between successful migration and failed migration.

Mail Extractor Max” is the only tool that has all features and interface built with extreme care and dedicated logic to deal with the nuances of Apple Mail emails. However, there is one special feature that helped the tool a lot of points and put it at the top of all other ordinary tools.

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

The Special Feature of “Mail Extractor Max” that helps it stand out from the rest!

That special feature is “Auto-Loading” of native identity/profile folder of Apple Mail that stores every data. The tool can automatically scan and detect your native directories and start converting straight away from there.

This means, you no longer have to worry about going through elongated process of archiving emails into .MBOX file packages. Or go all the way to find the location of EMLX files. None of that. Simply choose ‘Auto-load’ option and the tool will do the rest. “Mail Extractor Max” does offer the traditional form of data conversion using MBOX files but it’s not recommended over the auto-load feature.

What Else Does “Mail Extractor Max” is Equipped With?

It’s sharp programming framework, intuitive interface, and the auto-loading feature enables it to work near flawlessly without any issues. The advanced functionality helps users to convert data without loss or corruption.

Export Emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird using ‘Mail Extractor Max’

You get features like:

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  • Supporting for converting Unicode content (non-English text)
  • Keeping folder hierarchy safe
  • Keeping the read/unread status of emails preserved
  • 24×7 customer support from USL Software
  • 99% data integrity safety
  • Manual option to select folders to convert


Try it today! Click here and get the trial version to check out everything in detail and export emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

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