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Export Apple Mail Messages to Thunderbird

You recently switched to Thunderbird after using Apple Mail for few years. Both clients serve their purposes extremely well, as shown by the number of users for each of them. Both have their unique benefits. But now that you are a Thunderbird user, you have a task in your hand that you need to do – move all the data from Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

This sort of data export between two clients is often not taken well by users. It’s generally very complicated and can take plenty of your precious time away. More the number of Apple Mail messages, more drawn-out and extensive the task to export them to Thunderbird.

But here we ask a simple question – do you really need to give away your precious hours to do this? Is it true that if you have a large number of emails stored in Apple Mail, you have to keep aside a large chunk of your day to get all of them extracted and transferred?

If you go by the consensus on this, you will get ‘yes’ as an answer. Due to no one correct or valid approach to data export, the task can take too long to finish, and it’s almost accepted by most.

The good news is, the way you want to export Apple Mail messages to Thunderbird makes a huge difference in how much time you have to spend in total. Because there are many different methods and tools and techniques to get this done. There’s a manual conversion means of data export and there are third-party tools or add-ons that would simplify it for you.

Manual mode takes longer, evidently. Because you have to do everything yourself and there’s no automatic and simplified way of doing it. We do not want to go into details of how you can do it because it clearly is not a preferred way of doing things in this context and both basic users and experienced ones avoid it.

Then, we move on to third-party software solutions packed with features and powerful algorithms. The reason behind many professionals choose not to go with the manual method is because a software application offers more precision, speed, and performance. It significantly reduces the time required to convert or export Apple Mail messages to Thunderbird. Regardless of the number of them that may be stored in Apple Mail. Moreover, a well-built tool offers more freedom and options than any manual technique you may know. This comes off as a bit counter-intuitive because doing anything manually is often more flexible, but it doesn’t apply to email migration tasks.

Best Way to Export Apple Mail Messages to Thunderbird

The most commonly used tool to export Apple Mail messages to Thunderbird is called “Mail Extractor Max.” It is developed carefully to avoid the common setbacks associated with data migration. The tool also gives you control options like manually removing any folder you don’t want to convert, ignoring all empty folders automatically, detailed conversion log, converting multiple files at once, and so on.

export Apple Mail messages to Thunderbird

But the best part is that it is the fastest email migration tool you can get. It converts every data item with lightning fast speed and allows users to save their precious time and not get bogged down in the technicality of otherwise complex email migration tasks. Its intuitive interface is another factor why it is so quick: you don’t need to know anything to use it. Just launch the tool and you will understand how it works and what you need to do.

Convert Apple Mail messages to Thunderbird

“Mail Extractor Max” can directly load the database folder, or Apple Mail’s profile folder for conversion. In other words, you don’t need any raw files like MBOX or EMLX. This direct conversion also affects the precision of the output data, ensuring every little detail is cleanly converted without loss.

Apple Mail messages to Thunderbird

Try Now to Export Apple Mail Messages to Thunderbird

If you care about your time and about the integrity of your Apple Mail messages, you will find “Mail Extractor Max” right up your alley. Get a free trial version here to try it out.

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So, no: you do not need to spend your entire day to export Apple Mail messages to Thunderbird.

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