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EMLX to MBOX Converter

If you are looking for an alternative to EMLX to MBOX converter, let me tell you first that it’s a great decision. EMLX to MBOX converter, they are not worthy of giving them a try because of how inefficient and inaccurate they can be. Most of them do not have any sort of programming logic to extract contents from EMLX and implement them into MBOX format.

So, congratulations, you are on a right page. Before I tell you what’s the alternative, first talk about the basics – What exactly is EMLX to MBOX converter and why you should look for an alternative?

What are EMLX and MBOX files

EMLX and MBOX files are associated with Mac Mail. Where EMLX is a native file to store a single email message in a single file, MBOX is a more generic file that can store and archive multiple email messages to any size. EMLX file is generated automatically when you add an email account to Mac Mail and it downloads your mailboxes from the servers. It is more a raw, functional file for accessing data in a client than for any other purpose like back or migrating.

Therefore, most users find it wise and much better to back up EMLX files to MBOX files for future uses. You can import MBOX anywhere, but you cannot do anything with EMLX.

But the actual purpose is to get migrate or backup data to either MBOX file for general purposes or to move the Mail data into another email client.

EMLX to MBOX Converter Tool

With the EMLX to MBOX converter comes the hassle of manually digging into your profile folder, bringing out, and loading them into the converters. This also leads to incomplete conversion and loss of data integrity.

The alternative to this approach for moving Mac Mail data into MBOX file removes the manual aspect of the process. You will not need any EMLX file but you can convert the profile directory automatically, along with the EMLX files stored within and any other type of content. For instance, attachments are stored in EMLXPART files and by converting only EMLX to MBOX, you’d not get your attachments converted.

But where to find such a utility that is capable of interacting and handling the database directly? And how to find out which one would be the best?

Do not worry. That’s where this post comes in.

EMLX to MBOX Converter alternative from USL Software

If you are not willing to do hunt for that perfect, professionally developed, and easy to use a software application to convert Apple Mail to MBOX as an alternative of EMLX to MBOX converter for the similar end goal, you can try “Mail Extractor Max.”

emlx to mbox converter

And by “try” I literally meant try. You can get the trial setup below and check it out in detail. The trial edition works for the ten item within every folder of your Mac Mail database but gets you the access to the complete range of features. You will also get the hang of its interface and see it with your own eyes how perfectly it runs and how easy it is to use.

Download it here:

emlx to mbox

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If you are looking for EMLX to MBOX converter, then try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘.

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