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The reasons as to why one should consider to convert ost files to pst format are several. The most prominent among those reasons is that of data safety. The ost format serves adequately as a format for data storage in offline form, however it is highly unstable and is always at the risk of missing out files without warning. In the event of such cases as hardware corruption, loss of the Exchange account, or abrupt shutdown of system, this format promptly loses the files. So it is advisable to convert the data in ost format to the more reliable pst format in order to preserve one’s data.

Choose the right app to convert OST files to pst

The task to convert ost to pst in no less complicated either and many a times the data gets corrupted or damaged in the process. This makes the aid of an app like the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software an absolute necessity. This app is not only safe for the sensitive data but also well-suited to a variety of formats and devices. This app works for both the Apple and Mac operating system. Also, the various formats of the ost files can be handled well by this app from all Exchange version (Including ANSI OST file) to Outlook 2003 to 2019 version. Also, this app can handle all sizes of the ost files. So, the user doesn’t have to worry even if they haven’t updated their files and they have accumulated in the mail inbox.

convert ost files to pst

Recover and convert everything

This ost conversion app is quite adaptable and is useful not only for Emails but also Contacts, Calendars, double-byte characters, non—English languages, headers, and metadata. Thus, the user doesn’t have to face the loss of any kind of data due to incompatibility. Even the folder structure is kept intact, so the user is excused from the necessity to search for their files randomly. Images and attachment files are taken care of as well.

convert ost files to pst format

Simple interface

Coming to the topic of ease of use, this app is the most user-friendly app ever invented. It has got an extremely user-friendly GUI which makes its operation quite easy and conceivable even by non-experts. The user doesn’t have to invest in the process in any form except choosing the files they want converted and the format to which they want it converted. Its precision in handling data also relieves the user from the need to supervise the process themselves. Also, the need to plug in anything is not there since all the features are in-built and automatic. For clients who want the process to be faster and do not want to waste time processing files one by one, the batch data recovery technology is the feature exclusively designed for them.

Get it to convert ost files to pst

In case of any confusion or need of help, the customer care service of this software is available 24*7 with professionals willing to guide clients through all the processes. Other than that, this software guaranteed data safety which makes it an exceptional tool. For the people curious to try out it service, the link to the download of this app is provided below.

ost files to pst

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