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Get Mail Extractor Max to convert EMLX to EML

Mac Mail is the default email client offered free by Apple on all Mac computers. It stores each message individually to a single .emlx file (for better searching) which is saved into an .mbox folder. This was introduced by Apple so that Spotlight can index them for easy search.

Eml files are only supported in Mac Mail and not with any other clients. In fact, the .emlx files for a particular Mac OS X version often do not work with other versions of ‘Mail’.

Eml file, on the other hand, is a file used natively by Outlook express but is supported by many other clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Outlook, Windows Live Mail, IncrediMail, etc. These are simple text files and can even be viewed by text editors, like notepad, wordpad, etc.

Therefore, there can be many instances where you may want to convert Emlx to Eml files. For example, you are moving away from Apple Mail to Thunderbird. Or you may want to share huge chunk of your data from Mac Mail to someone who doesn’t have Mac Mail. In all these cases, converting Emlx to Eml is reasonable action to take.

However, the lack of proper tools can make this hard.

We have a better solution.

Instead of converting Emlx to Eml manually, there is a tool that can convert it automatically from the “Mail” folder. It makes using the software notably easy and intuitive, even for naïve users who aren’t experienced with migration tasks. In fact, the benefits of using this approach goes far beyond just simplicity of use.

The tool can convert the data more accurately than any other traditional Emlx to Eml converters can. It won’t omit certain data elements from conversion like other tools. The chances of any data loss or corruption is cut down significantly. You wouldn’t find any missing embedded images, or loss of headers and email attachments, and other flaws like that.

Brought to you by USL Software, the tool is called “Mail Extractor Max” and can be downloaded here . This free trial version lets you try out all the features.

Other output options – It not only converts Mac Mail to Eml, but also offers other output formats, such as Olm, Rge, and Mbox. It also converts Mac mail data to other email clients including Thunderbird, Postbox, and Mac Outlook. IN short, this is a a complete package, a one-in-all tool for all your Mac Mail migration needs.

Other Input options – Other than directly loading Mac Mail database folder, the tool also lets you manually Mbox files for conversion as input files. If the “Mail” folder is in some other custom location, you can load that as well.

The Power for Batch Conversion – “Mail Extractor Max” is developed for large scale migration as well. That means you can load multiple Mbox files with large sizes and it will convert them to Eml (or any other output format) easily. The batch conversion is something that many tools will crumble during performing it. “Mail Extractor Max” beats all other tools in ways you might not expect.

Folder Hierarchy – Folder hierarchy is an important part of email database. The folders you have created are turned into “mailboxes”. The entire structure or hierarchy of your folders help making sense of a large database of emails. Losing them can be quiet painful. Thankfully “Mail Extractor Max” doesn’t do that. It converts data to any output files while not messing with the order of your folders.

The Free trial version converts 10 items per folder. With that exception, it gives permission to use the tool as in its full version. There are no limitation posed to its features. The link to download is given below.

To convert Emlx to Eml, Download Free trial here.

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convert emlx to eml

converting emlx to eml

emlx to eml mac

Mail Extractor Max helps you to convert EMLX to EML, MBOX & RGE file format.

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