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No matter whether you are a regular user or a learner, the task of email migration is equally heartbreaking for everybody. If in case you do it manually, things are next to impossible to get executed within a short span of time. Exceptionally if there is a relevant email migration tool, the process still remains quite hectic. However, there is a solution called Mail Extractor Max that offers entirely distinct features of email conversion.

Convert Apple Mail to Other formats

The service encounters the risk of bugs and corrupted data. It provides unlimited safety features and comfortable email transformations.

Using Mail Extractor Max, converting Apple mail into mbox, encourage, email and Mac outlook is not a task that needs consideration and time investment. With this expert solution, you totally get expected results. The impeccable nature of Mail Extractor Max maintains the integrity of attachments and a variety of data such as documents, text, videos and images. Every feature of the tool allows you to convert emails in a carefree manner.

convert apple mail

Easy and Fast

You don’t have to hunt for any other email converter at all. Since, the fast process of this particular email migration tool provides Ultra safe and perfect results, you get Peace of Mind assured. The task of email conversion consumes just few seconds through this. There is no technological tact required at all. You can input multiple files at a single batch and get them converted with the blink of an eye.

Accurate, No Data Loss

Developed by USL software, a lifetime guarantee of updates and supplementary service ensures that you always get to enjoy the latest features of email transformation. The latest add-ons include maintenance of hierarchical structure and support for double byte characters. It’s difficult for any email converter to manage non English content. However, with the Unicode content support from Mail Extractor Max, you are free to transform any foreign language in the required format.

Life Time Free Updates

Regular updates from the company keep you away from investing upon any other email converting tool. Once you make an investment on Mail Extractor Max, you always get to enjoy something out of the box and innovative. Continuous and free client support from the brand is another reason why you would never feel confused with this tool. The moment you generate a query, get it resolved through online live chat or telephonic support.

Self Guided

Lack of basic knowledge has nothing to do with the manageability of Mail Extractor Max. The ultra-fast email conversions are managed with self-comprehensive instructions. The simple method does not demand any special requirements or codes to manage the conversion. Simply copy paste the content from one location to another and get away from the hectic task of email conversion.

No Bug & Error

Chances of corruption and disturbance in the original structure of the files are zero percent. With the highly researched and expertly created email conversion tool, the files and the data remain unhindered in every circumstance.

Migrate the nested files, double byte characters and attachments with the ultimate safe app called Mail Extractor Max.

You can test the free trial today.

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