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Convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free email client from Microsoft for Windows users. It’s an alternative to the paid email client, Outlook by Microsoft, with slightly less features, but equally efficient with a friendly interface. The good thing about this email client is that it can be run seamlessly on Windows versions from XP to the modern Windows 10 edition. But it can also create problems while migrating data from other clients, especially Mac Mail which is not compatible with Windows platform.

Users often ask, “how can I convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail” and the answers online are almost always disappointing.

But most of the beginners, less experienced users, don’t even start with that question. They assume that the data files form Mac Mail can be copied or imported to Windows Live Mail. Only later do they realize that that is not a viable option. That is because the data files of Apple Mail and Windows Live Mail are different as day and night.

Apple Mail uses MBOX or EMLX files for its operation, which are completely non-compatible in Windows Live Mail. In fact, those files are not recognized in any app for Windows (except Thunderbird).

Sadly, most companies set out to developed an application that could convert the format in such a way that users can transfer the data easily. All of them failed. The huge gap in the structure and framework of both email clients and their data files makes for a very complex software development projects that only few can pull off.

Which brings us to one software company that did pull it off. But they didn’t take the conventional route in order to convert the data. The tool that this company introduced to the world doesn’t extract your information from the data files. Instead, it can take the native data source (or identity directories) head-on for rigorous and clean sweep of data without any missing bits and pieces.

We are talking about “Mail Extractor Max,” a Mac application developed by USL Software. This is the tool that has changed the entire landscape of converting Apple Mail data to Windows Live Mail. As a matter of fact, this has changed the landscape for any sort of data migration involving Apple Mail client and other Mac email clients. The tool has multiple options while choosing the output file (which are mostly for Mac email clients).

But there is one format that you can choose as an output that gives you a direct and easy conversion approach for Windows Live Mail (which is actually a Windows program).

convert apple mail to windows live mail

How to convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail

Here it goes:

  • After you choose the input (MBOX file or Mac Mail data directly), you have to choose EML as the output file.
  • The tool then does its job of extraction information and converting it into EML files.
  • Once done, you can easily import them to your Windows Live Mail.

This simple process is assisted by the tool’s other features and qualities, such as support for non-English text, ability to exclude folders from conversion manually, full in-depth log report, and so on.

The tool has solved almost all the complications and issues that the traditional tools failed to. It, for the first time, brought the user-friendly and quick solution that will surprise you…in a good way.

So get the setup here and check it out in its free trial mode offered by USL Software.

Try it now to convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail.

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