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Bulk Apple Mail to Entourage 2008 Conversion without Performance Issues…Now Possible

Do you have a huge Apple Mail database, with loads of files equal to the number of worries in your mind? Converting email data from one email client is immensely difficult in itself. Moreover, when the database is huge, the difficulty level rises to another level.

Converting multiple files from Apple Mail to Entourage 2008 is one of such concerns that are in users’ mind.

If you want to convert Apple Mail data to Entourage 2008 supporting files, but worried about the size of your database, you have come to the right place. This article discusses a tool that could perform bulk conversions of Apple Mail to Entourage 2008 efficiently.

Now, this is not the first time an email migration tool could do that. After the era of frustration, where each file had to be converted individually, there came modern programs capable of tackling multiple files at once. Thereby, allowing bulk data conversion from Apple Mail to Entourage 2008.

The problems with those tools were primarily performance issues. Since the databases were huge in size, the results were inaccurate and slow. Even at some cases, the safety of data became questionable and many conversion events resulted in data loss.

These tools were inefficient to handle multiple files at once. Therefore, only with very small Apple Mail databases were successful with them.

USL Software finally came up with the solution. Mail Extractor Max is an email migration app, designed for Mac that could handle huge sizes and multiple files from Apple Mail to convert to Entourage 2008. It performs well under heavy loads and does not show any signs of sluggishness or inefficiency.

Other than the stability of the tool while performing bulk conversion, the other factor that impresses most is the speed. It could convert thousands of files from Apple Mail to Entourage 2008 conversion in mere minutes. While doing so, it always remains stable; and never freezes, hangs, or crashes.

The developers at USL Software made this possible by employing the latest and most innovative of technologies, and by designing some of the most sophisticated software codes. Mail Extractor Max is a result of thousands of adjustments, alterations, innovation, and detailed engineering with tiniest parts, done over many years of development.

The developers improved upon the scan technology of Apple Mail files. With Mail Extractor Max, you have several options to load your Apple Mail database files, even instruct the program to do it automatically from pre-installed Apple Mail within your Mac. It then scans the overall data, locates the folders, and present it neatly for you to choose the desired folders to convert.

After choosing the folders, the tool starts converting Apple Mail files to Entourage, with impressive precision and discipline, controlling over the vulnerability of data integrity. The power of the tool is visible during and after the conversion, when the conversion runs with a high speed, and the result is as accurate as a needle.

You certainly do not want to miss it. Go ahead and download the free trial version now. Run it on your own computer, evaluate the features, and gauge the tool’s true worth. We assure you, you will be delighted.

apple mail to entourage 2008 conversion

For your Apple Mail to Entourage 2008 conversion, try Mail Extractor Max.

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