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There could be many imperfections and complications arising with Apple Mail import to Entourage database. It is a difficult and challenging task and can frustrate even the most advanced of users. With many manual methods and ordinary tools that surface everyday, the most perfect and viable solution is still not known to exist.

But, that won’t be the case anymore. With “Mail Extractor Max”, you can easily convert your data from Apple Mail to Entourage database, and achieve far accurate and efficient results.

 Apple Mail Import to Entourage Database

Let us take a look at some of the major problems users generally face, and how this tool has resolved them.

A lot of time consumption – Even if you few hundred emails, the time required to migrate all of them to Entourage is still huge. “Mail Extractor Max” executes all of its programming swiftly, leaving no space for sluggishness. The result is a lightning fast speed of thousands of emails and folders. It can perform the conversion as fast as 1Gb/10 minutes rate.

No Mbox files or Mbox files corrupted – sometimes the Mbox files (Apple Mail compatible format) are corrupted, or there are no Mbox files. Sometimes the Apple Mail itself is corrupted, which makes it hard to archive the data into an Mbox file. In this case, it becomes quiet impossible to do anything further.

“Mail Extractor Max” doesn’t necessarily need Mbox files, although there is still an option to convert the data using Mbox files. For better results, there is an option where you can load your Apple Mail data directly from its identity “Mail” folder in your Mac.

No choice for conversions – many times, you do not wish to convert everything. This is the case when you are using both Apple Mail and Entourage at the same time, but you want few of your emails to be transferred to Entourage. Then,  it would be inefficient and frustrating to convert the whole database for just few email folders.

“Mail Extractor Max” gives you the option to select the folders for conversion. Once you have the loaded your database (mbox file or the “Mail” folder), the tool displays the folders inside it, and lets you select/deselect them depending on which folder you want to convert.

Loss of read/unread status of emails – In this era, we receive thousands of emails in one week’s span. It may not be possible to read all of them; so we keep them saved to read them later. During the conversion by ordinary tools, you may lose that read/unread status.

“Mail Extractor Max” does not. It has a solid programming that enables it to read through the files deeply, preserving all kinds of meta-data or minute properties they might have, and successfully keep them unmodified when converting.

Loss of other data or elements – Just like, you can lose your read/unread status, you can also lose more important elements, including attachments, images, email properties, nested messages, etc.

“Mail Extractor Max” can detect all of these elements and doesn’t let them lose or become corrupted during the whole process. Whatever components was first originally associated with Apple Mail data will also be kept safe while transferring to Entourage.


Loss of Non-English content – Many of us have to deal with international clients, buyers, customers, etc. and due to which the emails that we send or receive are not necessarily in English. It becomes critical to save all of those non-English content. Unluckily, many tools do not support this.

But luckily, “Mail Extractor Max” does.

Free Trial

Try it yourself. Here is the free trial version available for download.

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