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Migrating Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird – Not that Tough if You Have a Correct Software to Guide You Along!

Mac Mail

Mac Mail is a client that come pre-installed with the MacOS computers. It’s free, official client of Apple, and is great in features and interface. No wonder it has garnered many praises and a massive user-base for itself.


Similarly, Thunderbird is a free client from Mozilla with a huge popularity. It’s cross-platform and open-source and is regularly updated and enhanced by a large community. One of the benefits of Mac Thunderbird is that you can add a new add-on to extend its default set of features.

Migrate Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird

In some cases, a Mac Mail user would want to switch to Mac Thunderbird for that added functionality of plug-ins and add-ons. However, there are many other reasons to use Mac Thunderbird too. Many users like its interface better than Mac Mail. It has more manual control, you can customize everything, or make it look like whatever you want. Mac Mail has a lot of customization’s and control too, but not like Thunderbird does.

So, if you have after all decided you are moving from Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird, that’s fine.

But have you thought of the data in your Mac Mail and how you are going to bring it over to Thunderbird? If you use Gmail or other similar popular emailing services and all your data is in Gmail’s servers (that you can also access using the Gmail web client), then there’s no problem. It’s likely to be not so massive in size that you can’t simply add the account into Mac Thunderbird and let the client download everything itself.

The benefits of modern IMAP protocols are that you can keep your email client and the email servers into sync all the time. That way, all the emails are always accessible from anywhere and from any device.

But then, there are users with years and years of data in Mac Mail that forced them to archive all of it to a local file/database within the client in order to free up space from the server. This archived or backup file can anytime be accessed and imported back into the client, but only in the same computer.

That’s the kind of data you are likely to be concerned about.

If you do relate to that, do not worry. Even though there’s no official and straightforward feature to move data across these email clients, there’s an effective way you can still get the data migrated.

Tool for Migrating Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird

You need “Mail Extractor Max”.

Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird

What it does is take your Mac Mail database and scan it. Then it extracts all of the data inside your folders into native Thunderbird database that you can import.

There are other ways too, but “Mail Extractor Max” makes it simple and quick and accurate.

Quite often, the ordinary solutions leave gaps and missing items in your output Mac Thunderbird files. It’s no fun to see broken images, lost attachments, or other similar issues with your data. “Mail Extractor Max” leaves that all behind and delivers 100% data precision.

Migrate Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird

It’s also easy to use, supports Unicode content, keeps your folder hierarchy same, lets you choose the folders you want to convert, and much more.

Get it to migrate Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird

If you still feel hesitant, you can give the trial version a go and see how it performs.

Migrating Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird

Developed by USL Software, “Mail Extractor Max” is a Mac OS tool, supporting OS 10.8 or above, is regularly updated, and is backed up by 24 x 7 tech support.

To migrate Mac Mail to Mac Thunderbird or Windows Thunderbird, get ‘Mail Extractor Max‘.

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