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Migrate EMLX to EML but without manually handling EMLX files. This unconventional but the most effective solution for Mac Mail conversion is what you need to move your data correctly. And there’s a free trial version available for you to try it out!

Migrate EMLX to EML

EMLX and EML are two different files confused by many users as the same format. EMLX is a Mac Mail file and EML first was used by Windows Live Mail but today is a generic file to store email messages and is used by many email clients.

Many users want to backup Mac Mail data to EML files rather than the compatible MBOX. This is purely because the EML file can later be used to import data in many clients, but MBOX cannot be. Even though MBOX too is a standard format, EML is much more common and widely used.

Other than wanting to archive data to a generic file, there are other reasons to migrate Mac Mail or EMLX to EML. One is to export your data when you are switching from Mac Mail to Windows Live Mail or other emailing programs.

Converting EMLX Data

The issue is that there’s no option in Mac Mail to archive data in EML files. Naturally, that leads to converting the Mac Mail native EMLX file to EML using a third-party tool. By EMLX to EML conversion, you can get the emails and other items imported to the client of your choice.

That would work in theory, but the majority of EMLX to EML converters are unreliable. Not to mention they are incredibly hard to use and takes a long time to convert data. And if everything works out fine, you would rarely get all items converted with accuracy. Data loss and data integrity loss is always the concern. And depending on your type of database (personal or business related), a single loss of email or metadata could potentially mean losing an important information.

So, what can a common user do?

The good news is that there is a solution and it is not migrating EMLX to EML.

You can try “Mail Extractor Max”. Brought to you by one of the most successful software publisher and developer called “USL Software,” it is the only application that can convert EMLX to EML without actually asking users to manually handle EMLX.

migrate emlx to eml

Sounds complicated? It is not. Let us explain:

“Mail Extractor Max” has an option to auto-load. When you choose to auto-load the “Mail” data, it can automatically pick up the default “profile” database folder (often located under users’ library), and start converting data itself. The difference is that you don’t need to manually pick each EMLX file and convert it to EML.

convert emlx to eml

This also takes care of other items stored in Mac Mail that may not be within the EMLX file. For example, the attachments. Attachments in Mac Mail are stored within EMLXPART. All such items are automatically and accurate converted by “Mail Extractor Max” because it targets the source and not any raw, archived files like EMLX or MBOX.

The tool gives an option to load “Apple Mail Mailbox Export” backup if you have any. You can try it for free.

Free Trial To Migrate EMLX to EML

There are many other features too. For example, you can also convert Mac Mail to other formats like for Thunderbird, Entourage, and Postbox. If you want to know more, you can directly use it without any risk. Try the demo version that is available to download below.

Download Link:

There are no other generic EMLX to EML converter that can match the accuracy and simplicity of “Mail Extractor Max”.

emlx to eml

To migrate emlx to eml, you can try ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.

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