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How to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

OS X Mail, or more commonly known as Apple Mail, or rather simple ‘Mail‘ is an email client for Mac operating system. It is quite popular with a huge user base, which is partly helped by the fact that it comes pre-installed with Mac computers.

On the other hand, Thunderbird is a cross platform email client for Mac, Windows, and also Linux systems. And it’s popularity is often partly due to the fact that it is free and open source.

Both email clients work effectively with emails and other information like contacts and calendar. They offer a simple UI and a efficient management system. However, there comes a problem when you need to switch email client and also have to import OS X Mail into Thunderbird.

If all your emails are on the servers of your email account, you can simply add that email account into Thunderbird and let the data sync, in other words, download to your machine. Though, it also takes time and can lead to incomplete sync, it is still viable, especially if the database isn’t massive.

But if you don’t have emails on your servers but rather stored locally in OS X Mail and their total size is massive, you are going to face some trouble moving ahead trying to import them to Thunderbird.

There isn’t any official, in-built feature in either Thunderbird or Apple Mail that lets you import/export emails. There is some sort of a technique using files but it takes too long and never result in accurate migration.

Best Way to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

The last choice is to use a third-party tools, which again aren’t very efficient. Many of them do not take the complexity of email files into account and the rigid, simple, and sloppy algorithms can ignore many of the elements and components that just can’t simply by processed and extracted through ordinary logic and algorithms.

This is where ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ will prove to be absolutely priceless. Not only does it let you import OS X Mail into Thunderbird without losing the details, but it is incredibly easy to use by beginners, offer some sophisticated controls adding the flexibility that large migration projects might need, and has a 24×7 customer support backing it up.

Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

Certain unique but much wanted features include the support for converting Unicode and MIME defined content. It may include non-English text characters like Chinese, which are highly tricky to deal with. But this tool doesn’t falter with such intricate information in your files.

Get it to Import OS X Mail into Thunderbird

Offered by USL Software, “Mail Extractor Max” is available in several licenses/pricing packages, depending on the scope of your migration project, such as personal, small-scale company, or a large enterprise.

But it is also available in a free trial version that you can download for free using the link here.

os x mail to thunderbird

Just install and check it out without worrying about anything else. It converts ten items per folder, but you can evaluate the rest of its functionality and interface without restrictions.

If you want to import OS X Mail into Thunderbird, then try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today.

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