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If you have ever used ordinary tools to convert Apple mail files to other format, you know the technical challenge that comes with it. If you have not, there is no reason you should now, as there is a better, simpler, and more effective tool in place.

Many users tend to go towards manual methods for conversion. That is always a possible choice, albeit, not the wise one. There are people who want to learn and find such computer activities fun and rewarding. For them, investing time and efforts in multistep and confusing manual methods can be normal and interesting.

However, many of the users are simply looking to move the email data from Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 or some other email client in the shortest time, in the easiest way, and in the most effective way possible.

We built this tool for the second category of people. In this ‘hungry for productivity’ world, no one wants to lose time or resources for a mundane technical activity. It is the era of delegation, automation, and outsourcing.

Mail Extractor Max takes responsibility of all the heavy tasks of Apple Mail conversion and automates it for you, so you can focus on better tasks, such as on your main business. Our developers created Mail Extractor Max with a fixed objective in mind, which was to offer a simple Apple Mail conversion solution for nonprofessionals. They sure did achieve the target.

Mail Extractor Max is a Mac OS supporting tool, which converts your files (emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar items) from Apple Mail to-

  • Mac Outlook,
  • Entourage,
  • Thunderbird, and
  • EML and EMLX

Four Major “S Factors” Why You Have to Choose Mail Extractor Max

  1. Simplicity 

To an inexperience ear, the job of moving mails from Applemail to other email clients seems daunting. We fully sympathize with them. Therefore, we created a solution that can work for both professionals and nonprofessionals. We came up with a simple, yet painstakingly designed, interface that contains a simple wizard you can follow to convert your Applemail files.

  1. Safety of your files

We feel that you may be very concerned about the safety of your files. After all, if your data were not important, you would not be bothering about the email converter tools. Relax! With Mail Extractor max, you get the safest way possible for conversion. It employs elite quality programming framework for the complex tasks, which creates a protective environment for the files and immune them from any type of threats during the whole conversion period.

  1. Stability

From stability, we mean the stability of the tool itself while running on the system. Most email migration tools face issues on Mac and frequently freeze or crash. Mail Extractor Max will function very smoothly, without any lag, freezing, or crashing.

  1. Speed

For some people, it may not be a concern to spend countless hours on converting Apple Mail files. This tool is for them who do find it bothersome to spend a lot of time in converting the data from one app to another. Mail Extractor Max works with a surprisingly fast speed, which will convert your files in a minute or two.

It also offers many other features that make it very flexible and convenient for a common user. Such as the capability of preserving folder hierarchy, read/unread status of emails, and Unicode content.

You may not want to miss this one.

Claim your free copy of the tool here – DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL

Mail Extractor Max export / import Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Outlook 2011, Entourage 2004/2008, OLM, EML file format.

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