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If you go around asking how to import mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, you’d either get blank stare or some convoluted process that makes no sense. Funny enough, it makes no sense to even IT experts who go on trying that approach themselves.

This is because Thunderbird and Apple Mail may be two great email clients, they still have a lot to improve when it comes to compatibility between their data files. There is no proper in-built support to import mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

How to import Mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Sure, you can try third-party add on. You can choose to go the manual route (not a good decision). And like I said above, you can be bold enough to try the tens of other highly complex methods.

It will all end up in failure. And if you are extremely lucky, you’ll manage to get few of your folders from Apple Mail to Thunderbird without damage.

Apple Mail apparently supports MBOX files, and Thunderbird supports that format too. This led many to believe that moving data across them will be a child’s play. But sadly, Apple Mail doesn’t support MBOX natively, at least, not the standard MBOX file. It has its own file format called EMLX where each email is stored within each individual EMLX file.

All those EMLX files are stored within each folder that are given the extensions as .mbox. These .mbox folders containing EMLX files are called .mbox file packages, giving the illusion that they are the standard MBOX files. They are not.

So, we are back to square one.

But today seems to be your lucky day. You somehow stumbled upon this post, either by mistake or by your own intuition. But now that you are here, you are going to learn the secret of how to import Mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird in the best way possible.

What you need is a third-party tool called “Mail Extractor Max” by USL Software. Anyone telling you that you can export email data between two incompatible email programs is either lying or is himself under an illusion. Not that manual migration isn’t possible, but as said above, it is quite an affliction on users’ productivity and state of mind. And not just for beginners and basic users, but even for IT professionals. In fact, IT professionals know exactly that manual approach is best left untouched if the data is to moved successfully.

How to import Mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

So, “Mail Extractor Max,” is your answer. Why?

How to import Mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird Easy Way

It’s the only tool that can:

Load your Mac Mail profile data automatically. It doesn’t need MBOX or EMLX file at all. So, it’s basically just download–>Install–>Launch–>Click ‘Autoload”–> Choose “Mac Mail” –> Choose “Thunderbird” as output–> Click Convert.” And wait. Finally, move those converted Thunderbird files into Thunderbird using File–> Import feature.

That’s just it!

An entire day of task and an entire guide of instructions reduced down to a simple paragraph of few lines.

Want it to give it a try?

Click here and get the free trial version.

What’s the harm? You get to try it for free. You can go through each feature one by one and personally evaluate its worth and potential. The only thing limited is that it converts ten items per folder. Nothing that can stop you from trying out its features.

You can contact the support staff if you have any queries or if you face any setback during importing Mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

import Mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

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