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Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird Mac & Windows

The Best Email Migration App Now Available for You to Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird Without any Troubles

Thunderbird is one of the most beloved email clients. And it has many features that make it a totally deserving of that credit. For instance, the client is a cross-platform client that can be run on Mac, Windows, and even Linux. Its open system allows for the developers in its huge community around the world to create some excellent plugins and extra features for adding any sort of functionality one wants.

Besides, it is free. No wonder it has become such popular around the world.

On the other hand, we have Mac Mail on Mac OS X, which is also free and comes pre-installed in all of Mac computers. Both email clients have a lot of similarities in terms of their popularity, features, and many other things.

Unfortunately, there is also a problem that makes it hard for users to migrate the data between them, especially a large chunk of data. A few emails can be transferred using a dummy email client account and its servers. But when the size of data approaches a few GBs, the above method doesn’t hold the same efficiency.

And using MBOX files isn’t also the best option, even though both email clients can easily import and export MBOX file format. There are many bugs and flaws in that approach. When you set out to archive your emails to an MBOX files and to import it into Thunderbird, you may realize the kind of issues you can face. Wastage of time, loss of embedded images, broken folder hierarchy, and countless others.

So, how is one supposed to export Mac Mail to Thunderbird without all these problems? How is one supposed to do it with the same amount of flexibility and the efficiency that the email clients themselves offer to the users?

The answer is simple. You have to avoid any ordinary tools built by ordinary software developers because of the huge complexity involved in such a task. And if you don’t have any idea about professional developers with professional’s tools, don’t worry; this is where this post comes in.

USL Software has a great email migration tool up its sleeve that gives you as simple yet a powerful resource to get this done. It is called “Mail Extractor Max” and you’d be surprised how the company has made it to the top by employing a simple interface for advanced features and functionality.

I could go on and on about the features and interface, but the best thing for you to do is to try it out yourself. That way you will have a better understanding.

And thankfully, you can now do it without spending a dime. USL Software has a free trial mode available now that makes it super simple for you to try it out right now.

Click here and get it. You don’t want to waste another minute.

To export Mac Mail to Thunderbird, try Mail Extractor Max.

Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird

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