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Export Apple Mail to EML file format

Apple Mail stores data to MBOX file format, which is a pretty generic email file that can be used in multiple email clients for Mac. However, in Windows PC, you cannot use it for any email client other than Thunderbird. EML on the other hand is more generic file format across all platforms.

EML was first introduced by Microsoft for their email client now called Windows Live Mail. It was replaced by Windows Outlook few years later. But the EML file format gained worldwide adoption as a standard format to store emails.

So, if you are looking to back up Apple Mail data, it would be wise to do it in EML format. One problem with that thought, though: Apple Mail cannot archive emails or any other format of data to EML files. What you need is a third-party file converter. Such MBOX to EML file converters can extract information from MBOX files and convert it into EML files.

Another reason anyone might be looking for such a tool to export Apple Mail to EML format is that he or she is entirely switching their email client to Windows Live Mail. You might ask why you or anyone else would choose WLM instead of Windows Outlook. The reason is that Windows Outlook is the modern email client, which is not free; Windows Live Mail is.

In any case, the migration of data or backing up of Mac Mail data to EML files cannot happen manually. You need a tool to do that. There is a manual IMAP based approach but that has been now widely accepted as risky, slow, and entirely inefficient method. It’s wise to avoid it.

Today we have a suggest for you that is even better than MBOX to EML converter. This tool called ‘Mail Extractor Max’ from USL Software allows you to directly load Mac Mail data. So, you don’t even need MBOX files to use it. This makes a world of difference in your productivity, data safety, accuracy of conversion, and the time used in performing the entire task. Since you are directly targeting the source of data rather than the archived files (MBOX), you achieve far better results in all the aspects.

export apple mail to eml

Besides, ‘Mail Extractor Max’ also host plenty of new and useful features that any regular MBOX to EML converter does not.

First, you can convert Mac Mail data to many other formats, not just EML. You can convert Apple Mail to OLM, RGE, and MBOX file as well. You can also convert it to Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage 2004/2008, and Outlook 2011 for Mac directly without using MBOX files.

Secondly, you have a lot of control over the process, such as sorting the folders, manually selecting the folders for conversion, ignoring empty folders, converting MBOX (not recommended though, but might be useful in certain cases), batch conversion, full folder hierarchy safety, conversion of non-English text, and so on.

Lastly, the graphical interface of ‘Mail Extractor Max’ is an exemplar of creative software designing that takes care of functionality and ease of use without compromising the other. Every single button for the features is place strategically to make it seamless and intuitive for you to convert the data. Even if you have never tried any form of email migration, you will be surprised while using it because of how natural it seems.

USL Software has always been at the forefront of email migration technologies. Their entire product lineup is the evidence to that fact. ‘Mail Extractor Max’ does pretty much the same, using the expertise, skills, and experience of the team of developers at USL.

Do not hesitate to try it for yourself. Again, the interface is quite simple and basic that even a total beginner can start exporting Apple Mail to EML format without even going through any tutorial of any sort.

Download Now to export Apple Mail to EML Format

Download the free trial version using the link below. If needed, the customer support is available 24×7 to help you in any way possible.

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Try Mail Extractor Max to export Apple Mail to EML format.

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