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EMLX to EML Converter

If you are planning to move your Mac Mail data to EML files, you are probably looking for a free EMLX to EML converter. But is that a good decision?

Let’s find out.

EMLX is a file by Apple to store email messages. Each email is stored in an individual EMLX files. And all the EMLX files are stored inside a .mbox file package, which is simply more like a folder. And the .mbox package is stored inside the main profile database folder of Mac Mail, which can be found at ~/Library/Mail/V3.

So, an EMLX to EML Converter either free or paid requires you to manually dig for your files, load them up, and then it can convert the data into EML files. This process can take painfully long hours and still not deliver accurate results. Since most of it is manual, there’s a high chance of incomplete conversion and errors.

With most of the traditional and free EMLX to EML converter, users often find data integrity flaws with the converted EML files. Components like images, folder hierarchy, email attachments, metadata, SMTP headers, and so on are often missing from the output. They are either completely ignore by the converter or are converted with missing details.

Therefore, it’s never a good idea to use an EMLX to EML Converter free tool.

What we have for you today is something special, better, and a lot more accurate solution that you should use for migrating your email data.

It’s called “Mail Extractor Max.” Offered by USL Software, “Mail Extractor Max” delivers sharp and precise converted files without any integrity flaws. You will find every component in its place and no unwanted modifications will be present in your converted EML files.

emlx to eml converter

So how does it function?

Well, first of all, it is not an EMLX to EML converter. It lets you convert your Mac Mail data directly from the profile/identity folder. You simply choose the ‘Auto-load’ option and it will scan your database automatically and convert data straight from the source.

Obviously, it makes the job considerably easier and quicker. But more important than that, it offers unmatched precision over the output files. By targeting the source of your data and eliminating the need of EMLX files, you get 100% conversion results without any partially converted or lost elements.

It’s also easy to use even by a beginner, thanks to the carefully designed interface that takes away the manual efforts required to convert the files. It’s very intuitive even for a non-experienced user who can just launch the tool and start converting the files by following the wizard. The advances features and everything are natural to anyone who tries the tool for the first time.

And what are those advanced features?

Here’s a short list:

  • Detailed conversion log
  • Manual folder selection
  • Filtering types of folders
  • Ignoring empty folders
  • More output options other than just EML (Entourage, Thunderbird, MBOX, etc.)
  • Support for non-English characters.

EMLX to EML Converter Free Trial

Click here to download free copy of ‘Mail Extractor Max‘.

You can download the setup and just check how it works in free trial mode. You can activate the full version anytime later.

emlx to eml converter free

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