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OST to Thunderbird converter for Mac and Windows by USL Software.

Jeopardizing the files while migrating them is the last thought on any user’s mind. And any prudent user in his/her right mind would undoubtedly take every possible step to safeguard the important data files. To do so, one can either trust himself/herself to be aware of each and every technical aspect of the OST to Thunderbird conversion process or one can simply outsource it to a third party email conversion tool. Whichever be the choice, the repercussions must be entirely understood beforehand. The following segment will walk you through the potential dangers associated with both the OST to Thunderbird conversion methods.

The pros and cons of manual and professional OST to Thunderbird conversion methods

Making a choice is hard and thereby every decision that we make is based out of carefully estimating the merits and demerits of these choices. Such is the case with email conversions too. Converting OST to Thunderbird is only the first choice in the series of choices that come along this path. Hence, one must be fully aware of the outcomes. We have tried to bifurcate the details so as to help you deliberate on your answer to OST to Thunderbird conversions!

Here is what can happen if one uses the manual method to convert OST to Thunderbird:

Converting OST to Thunderbird manually might sound like a good idea at first. After all, it is just picking up one file and converting it to the other. Well, let us break it up to you that the process is extremely complicated. The major failures start manifesting from the very beginning. The extraction of the files is so complicated that most of the times it is done partially by the users. Next, in such methods, the safety of the files gets compromised leading to more damage than what these methods can cause to the files. These methods are also time consuming and unyielding in most cases. If anything good were to come out of it, it would be the contentment of having converted OST to Thunderbird all by oneself.

ost to thunderbird

Here is what can happen if one uses professional tool to convert OST to Thunderbird:

Converting OST to Thunderbird with the use of a tool is extremely simple when compared to the manual method. However, there is a catch. The choice of tool is very important in deciding whether it would be a peaceful experience or a horrific one. But don’t worry because we have already covered that aspect. OST Extractor Pro is the best choice for converting OST to Thunderbird. Not only does this tool ensure safety of the files but also complete conversions unlike the manual methods. Furthermore, the extraction of the files is done automatically by this tool ensuring complete extraction of the files. The tool is also known to give out comprehensive conversions without fail.

convert ost to thunderbird

How to convert OST to Thunderbird

  1. Get ‘OST Extractor Pro’ for Mac or Windows.
  2. Install the software and launch it.
  3. To load OST file click on “Add OST”
  4. Browse and select single or multiple ost files.
  5. Now click on “Open” and you see the preview of all folders.
  6. Check optional settings
  7. Choose output format as “Thunderbird”
  8. Now click on “Convert”

Get the trial version and convert ost to pst, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, MBOX, EML, ICS and VCF file format.

One aspect that can discourage the users from using a third party OST to Thunderbird conversion tool is the costing. However, OST Extractor Pro has that covered too because it has a free trial version. If you ask us, OST Extractor Pro is the best choice for converting OST to Thunderbird. Do not wait and start using it today to enjoy best conversions of your life.

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