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Do you want to convert Gmail MBOX to PST? You probably don’t. Not even IT experts are expert at that job because it involves hard data extraction process that can either be done through a lot of manual efforts or require expensive tools, often built just for large corporations.

Or maybe, you have not even tried it. Maybe you have a Gmail Mbox file that you want to open on either Mac or Windows Outlook, and you realized that neither of them accepts MBOX as a file format to import data.

And now you are here.

How to Convert Gmail MBOX to PST?

Don’t worry. It may be an otherwise hard task to go through if you don’t have the tools or necessary conversion skills. The tool recommended below is probably one of the best that you can get. It is not just built for advanced conversion projects but also for basic users to convert Gmail MBOX to PST without problems.

It is developed by USL Software and is officially titled as “Mail Extractor Pro.” As the name suggests, it extracts contents from MBOX files and is pretty good at that. Most converters in this category do not have algorithms for clean extraction and thus ends up with defected files. Loss of data or partial conversion is often the biggest problem faced by users at email migration tasks such as these.

convert gmail mbox to pst

But “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t suffer from the same problem. It is capable of converting every single byte of information from your files and keep the data, metadata, and all other details preserved.

Convert Gmail MBOX to PST with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Some of the most common types of information items that other tools fail to convert but not ‘Mail Extractor Pro’:

  • The structure of your folders, sometimes called folder hierarchy
  • The images or any other graphical objects embedded within the emails
  • Email attachments (mostly the files with complex and unknown formats)
  • Metadata and headers (information like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, etc.)
  • Time and Date stamps
  • Email addresses
  • Non-English characters (Chinese language characters and the variants like Japanese and Korean are the hardest)
  • Nested emails with the conversation structure

Few other notable features include support for bulk file conversion, option to split large PST files, 24×7 customer support, and an intuitive interface.

All the above components are vital for the email database. No one can afford to lose these details, and yet, that’s what happens with the majority of the traditional converters. The “Mail Extractor Pro” brings dedicated logic for each of such difficult items and converts them without errors.

Download to Convert Gmail MBOX to PST

If you are interested, download the trial edition today. It can run for ten items per folder, giving you access to all the features. You can check it out how it works and get familiarized with the interface.

Download Now at,

There’s also around the clock tech support ready to help whenever and whatever way you require.

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If you are planning to convert Gmail mbox to PST, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

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