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One of the most used email client in Mac is Applemail, which also goes by the name of Macmail. The reason for its popularity is that it has many unique features and that it comes pre-installed with Mac, and thus, free. However, many users wish to add certain functionality to the way they handle emails and Applemail may not have those features. We have observed multiple times that the users who are wishing to move to a different email client face many challenges in doing so.

One of the top most challenge in the list is the difficulty in performing the process itself. This is because the tools that are present in the market offer interfaces that are hard for a common user to follow. The lack of user-friendliness in the interfaces results in confusion and demands some knowledge of the technical process. Consequently, beginners feel lost and end up wasting a lot of time.

To solve this problem, which has troubled developers and companies for a long time, USL Software came up with a creative solution in Mail Extractor Max. Mail Extractor Max is a Mac utility that runs directly in Mac and is perfectly capable of converting your Applemail data to many other Mac supporting email clients. The specialty lies in the interface that has been designed painstakingly by the developers of USL software.

It features an impressive few-click conversion wizard that enables even the beginners to convert their data without any previous knowledge or experience. The instructions in the wizard screen are very simple. The straightforward nature of this approach results in, for the very first time, an effortless method for Applemail data conversion.

Furthermore, the tool also employs the latest technology for batch conversion of Applemail files. This means that a user no longer has to select each file individually. One can simply select the multiple files, regardless of the size, and the tool will handle all the rest. Gone is the time for the tedious one-by-one conversion method.

Mail Extractor Max has the design necessary to pull off the tricky job of providing simplicity to users while converting Applemail data. It gets hard to imagine the fact that such a simple and interactive interface could be running on top of a highly complicated framework.

In addition to the interactive interface, the features presented in the tool are organized properly, so you feel no confusion in managing the data. Mail Extractor Max has a wide range of unique features that add flexibility in the way you can handle the data, before and after the conversion. The options available are extensive, so that you can interact with the tool in your own way.

Nevertheless, don’t feel threatened or intimated by the broad functionality of the tool. Everything is presented in a logical, sequence-wise, and easy to follow way. If you do not want to set your own preferences or configure the tool, leave it as it is. The automatic and interactive conversion wizard will take care of the full conversion process.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to convert your data in the most effective, simple, and easy way, order it today.

If you still feel confused and suspicious, go ahead and try the free version. USL Software presents the demo version for your evaluation so that you can invest in full confidence and not shaky claims.

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Mail Extractor Max – Convert Apple Mail to Mac Outlook (OLM), Thunderbird, Entourage 2004.2008, Postbox, EML file format.

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